Thursday, October 08, 2009

It’s A Question of Authority.

1-2, 1-3 and 0-2. These are all the match results in which Liverpool lost after 8 Premier League fixtures. Not to mention the one they lost in the Champions League second match to Fiorentina with a score of 0-2. I’m pretty much sure this result angers most of the Liverpool fans out there, including me. I know I’m not out of line when I say Liverpool is playing far below their capability. The potential that they have if they were to play at their maximum capabilities is far beyond anyone’s imagination. The squad is pretty much complete from top to bottom.

So, what’s the problem with Liverpool? Please note that this is my humble personal opinion and if your opinion contradicts to mine, too bad. For me it’s the question of authority. It’s because each time Liverpool suffered huge blows to their title ambitions, the club owners will put the blame on the manager, Rafael Benitez. But when the clubs performs, they’ll be the first to ‘volunteer’ to receive the credits. When I say it’s the question of authority, I mean it’s the question of whom and who should the club bring in and chuck out. Look at Arsenal, Manchester United and Chelsea (Although not all, some of their players are the ones personally handpicked by the owner of the club), their respective managers have the total 100 percent authority on player selection during the transfer window opens.

But not for Liverpool. Everytime Benitez wants to bring in new talents into the club, both the owners and co-owners will somehow find a way to oppose it if the player selected are not the ones they preferred. Another problem that lies beneath the surface in the club’s administration is the fact that they owners are just too choosy and cheap when it comes to investing to purchase new players. Look at last season, Benitez wanted players like David Silva and David Villa but, as expected, the clubs owners didn’t provide the sufficient fund to purchase both of this deadly strikers. The club’s owners, Gillett and Hicks are being too scrooge when it comes to money. Trust me they have a lot of them but they just wouldn’t fund Benitez’s proposed investment. For what reason I don’t know but I believe it is because they are comfortable with the current Liverpool squad.

On the other hand, they don’t realize the risk that they’re taking because this will not only cause Liverpool to fail to win trophies but also tarnish and destroy the most important assets that the clubs possesses, the fans. A football club will be nothing if it not because of the fans. These are the people that shouted their hearts out when they score and cry when their beloved club losses. I’ve read somewhere recently that Liverpool fans is standing behind Benitez and demanding for both of the club’s owners to leave the club.

And to those people I’ve mentioned above, I am with you all the way. Recently the club owners issued a statement blaming the manager of the club for their current form. These angered most of the Liverpool fans, including me. I am 100 percent behind Benitez because he guided this club from nothing after the last time they won the league in 1990 to title contender now. I know some of you might think, if compared to teams like Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal, within these past few years, Liverpool is way behind in term of trophies but who cares. Each people have their very own opinion and for me personally, it’s not about the trophies (mostly that is), it is about that feeling that I find it hard to explain.

Some people support their respective football club but for me, I am far beyond that with Liverpool. Far above support and far above love. I have to exact words to describe it but if I have to put it in a sentence, it would be, Liverpool is glued forever in my heart. Usually people would support their club and that means they don’t feel the pain when the club suffers things like losing or etc. But for me, I suffer when Liverpool suffers. As simple as that.

So, to Liverpool’s owners, please get out. We don’t need you and I believe they’re a lot of interested parties to acquire Liverpool and would do anything to see the club blooms in success. Please do it as soon as possible.

To Benitez, I’m with you all the way, through sticks and stones. May you bring the club to a greater success in the near future.


Note: The Offspring – Kristy, Are You Doing Okay?

Friday, September 25, 2009

Selamat Harie Raya Aidilfitri... Maaf Zahir dan Batin...

Tuan-tuan dan Puan-puan sekalian,

I hereby, would like to wish all you people a Selamat Harie Raya Aidilfitri... Maaf Zahir dan Batin... Have a great holiday and insyaAllah... With Allah's blessing, we will see another Ramadhan :)

Fais Azlan...

Note: Me, can be a pain in the ass sometimes? Yes, I am.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ignorance Is Your New Bestfriend.

Well well, how are you people? It has been quite a long time since I updated my blog. Various reasons contributed to this such as a hectic. When I say hectic life, I mean crazy freaking hectic life. Not to the extend of a prime minister but maybe half of it. My parents even said to me that I'm spending more time outside rather than at home. Well, what to do, what has to be done, has to be done right?

Apart from work, everything else is alhamdulillah going fine. My brother is now back in Illinois, United States, to continue pursuing his degree. During the one month period he was at home, he played various kind of games and glued himself in front of the television. Well, now you're back in the US, focus alright bro. Good luck and I'm sure you can bring home a degree without a hitch.

My friends had been tremendous to me. Hang out, watched football together, futsal, leypak, and etc. You know, the normal activities. Reza is back now for one month before his next work trip and god do I miss him. Yesterday we leypak after terawikh with special appearance from Aizu who is also back from his work trip at Makbul and it was, as usual, fun!

I also learned that there are friends who comes and goes in your life due to various reasons and this fact made me appreciate and loves all of my friends like the Com.Sj's even more. They've been there for me through the good and the bad days of my life. We stick together regardless of the challenges that lies ahead. To the Com.Sj's, I love you guys.

Now, let's talk about football. Am I glad the football season is back and I've been enjoying it ever since it started somewhere in the middle of August. Entertaining fixtures, ugly tackles and etc. is back. Look at how Adebayor purposely gave Van Persie the boot. I mean, literally, he gave him the boot just next to his left eye. I think that challenge is just plain stupid. Don't get me wrong, Adebayor is a great player but with that kind of attitude, he's just as fucked up as a pig.

My team, Liverpool had a terrible start with losing to Spurs away, acceptable and losing to Aston Villa at home, not acceptable. I was angered by that result but I know they won't disappoint me and my guts were right, they're back on winning ways now. But still, there's a lot to be done to maintain and improve on the squad and playing style. Dependencies on Gerrard on the field is not a good thing. What if he's injured? Does that mean Liverpool can't score goals now? That's what I'm worried about. Because if we looked at the goals that Liverpool had scored since the beginning of the season, almost three quarter of those goals was created by Gerrard. So, Benitez, find a fucking solution for that ockay?

Ronaldo had finally settled down in Real Madrid. By saying settled down I mean he is now able to play with Real's style of football. The rhythm that the team plays is simply fantastic and it is proven by their wins in the Premiera Liga and the Champions League. My other favourite team, Bayern Munich is gaining momentum, recovering from their disastrous start in the Bundesliga. If there is anyone that the club should develop for the club's future success, there's no other perfect candidate suitable other than Thomas Mueller. He's a 20 years old teenage boy and god does he have talent. Another valuable asset that the club should treasure. To Louis Van Gaal, I welcome you to Bayern Munich as the new head coach and I hope with your guidance, the club will achieve success both locally and internationally.

Internationally, as expected, football giants like Brazil, Germany, England, Holland and etc. had no problem leading their respective groups to progress into the finals, the World Cup. For Brazil, England and Holland, their place is almost certainly confirmed. As for Germany, they will need at least a draw against Russia to automatically qualify and I expect that wouldn't be any problem. Owh, note that I'm one of the die-heart-fan of Germany and I've been supporting them since the 1994 World Cup.


Note: Paramore - Ignorance.

Friday, August 14, 2009

For Fuck's Sake.

The H1N1 is such a pain the ass now. I mean it restricts your movement and will make you think twice of the place that you want to go. Public places is almost certain at the very top of the list that people will try to avoid but give me a break, that's like cutting of your social interaction with friends and people. No one likes to be stranded alone in their very own world with nobody to rely or interact with. That's a fact and denying it is absolutely fucked up ockay.

I've heard somewhere that if you want to control or destroy the H1N1 virus, you will have to change the current government. What the fuck is that? What the hell is wrong with your freaking mind to make you think like that? Owh yes, people loves to assume things so assuming that with a new government the virus will be eliminated once and for all. Fuck that. It has nothing to do whatsoever. For fuck's sake, go and check your freaking mind ockay.

If I can blame someone or something for the H1N1 outbreak to the entire world is Mexico. They just didn't do enough to contain and prevent it from spreading over the entire world. Although they know that the virus is slowly circulating around being transferred between human with interactions, air and etc, they still believe that it will disappear when the times come. Well, tell me now, did it disappear? Booo ya...

It's almost certain that it is a global pandemic now and only time will tell when WHO will categorize the H1N1 outbreak as Level 6 in which means a total stop to socialization and movement to other countries and continents. For sure you can say goodbye to the airline industry if that happens. All of the airline companies will have no income to sustain in the business, for sure. Now you know why it is so hard for WHO to uplift the current level 5 pandemic alert to level 6. Because of what? Economics reason. In the end, all of it relates to economics matters since money what makes the world go round so without it, the world will surely collapse and falter.

Our current government is doing all in their powers to control the H1N1 virus or also known as Influenza A. Don't bullshit me with viruses having something to do with politics. What the fuck is that.

Let's work together to stop this H1N1 virus from spreading and do everything in our power to control and sustain it. I know it takes a lot of effort from local authorities, the NGOs, companies and the public, but together, we can kick this virus out of this world.

And don't forget, always seek help from god because with His blessings and help, we can put the Influenza A in the history books, once and for all.

Fais Azlan...

Note: Paramore - Ignorance.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Let The Season Begin!

The Barclays Premier League will officially kicks off somewhere in the middle of August and I am definitely ready to kick start my long lost routine for 2 months, which is to watch football with my friends on the weekends. You just can't buy that 'feeling' that you get when you meet up with your boys and hang out at mamak stalls while watching football matches. Simply priceless. Trust me, it is.

What's great about the BPL is that, it enables me to actually have something to look forward to during the weekend. Yes, something might popped up and would fill up my Saturday and Sunday but nothing beats watching football. It is the greatest pleasure that one could wish for.

Apart from BPL, let's not forget about the rising of the Spanish League. I mean, they really mean business when they said they wanted to compete with the likes of BPL. Remember 'money makes the world go round'? It is in fact true. With money, you can do whatever the hell you want. For instance, in football, look at the buying power that Real Madrid possesses by bringing in big names into the club. Names likes Cristiano Ronaldo, Karim Benzema, Kaka, Raul Albiol and their latest signing, Xabi Alonso from Liverpool FC.

Just imagine the strength of that midfield with those players playing together. I wouldn't have imagined in a million years that Ronaldo would playing with Kaka. The tempo was upbeat at first but look at how Real Madrid performed recently. Lost to Juventus 2-1 and yes I know they beat whatever the team name was, but, with a score of what? 1-0? You got to be kidding me. With that amount of investment and you get that as a return? I'm pretty sure the President of Real Madrid is crying for help for his luxurious spending on players.

On the other hand, look at Arsenal. I mean you rarely heard them buying big names and spending a whole lot of money for that one particular player. Most of their talented starts are from the youth academy. Look at the way they're playing now. The other day, I watched this match between Arsenal and Rangers in the Emirates Cup final match. The way Arsenal played was just far beyond imagimation. Their passes was just simply fantastic, first class teamwork, great senses of opportunities and etc. They don't need to spend big like what Real Madrid did. All they did was just by training and giving the youths to gain as much experience as they can and giving them chances to shine out there.

I was quite surprised to see Owen moving to Manchester United. Actually I wasn't that surprised because who would reject a chance to play for a big club when at the same time, your career is going down the drain. Owen, you did the right move but just make sure when your team visit Anfield, you dissappear. Just report in that you're sick or whatever the hell you can think of because we will make your time on the field the worst time of your freaking life.

Ooopppsss. Look at me. Blogging about football yet again. Looks like my enthusiasm is just too high for me to control.

So to Liverpool FC and FC Bayern Munich, don't dissappoint me ockay.


Note: Nothing but You.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Liverpool's New Away 2009/2010 Jersey. Wicked!

Hye all,

As I was browsing through the net visiting those frequent websites that I go through almost daily, such as New Straits Times, The Star, Berita Harian, Utusan, Soccernet, NY Times, Download, LA Times, ESPN Star, Liverpool FC, Man Utd (Yes, I do visit their website so that I can gain any news about their squad) and etc.

Let's get straight to the point here. Well, just now I visited Liverpool's official website and I saw this wicked sick new away kit for the 2009/2010 season. And I mean fucking wicked. Although some people might doubt it but hey, it's my opinion so if you don't like it, fuck you. The design is more or less the same compared from the previous jerseys but the colour is absolutely fantastic. Black general colour with gold stripes, now that's what I call a proper football jersey.

I do believe that somehow jersey plays a minor role in effecting the outcome of a certain match. I don't know whether this is acceptable to you guys but for me, almost every time, in which quite rarely occurred, Liverpool wore their third jersey, which is the green jersey last season, they'll get a fuck up result such as draws or even losing those matches itself.

I do believe that the new away kit for the next season, which is the 2009/2010 season, is good because it can instill somekind of a fear sensation towards the rival team. Imagine black jersey with gold lining. Eye-catching, fearful, intimidating, screaming for attention and etc. Brilliant isn't it. I'm not saying the new jersey can somehow directly effects the outcome of any particular matches but in away, minorly that is, it will.

Liverpool FC Away Kit 2009/2010 Jersey.

Liverpool FC Goalkeeper 2009/2010 Jersey.

Complete with players wearing it:

Steven Gerrard demonstrating the awesomeness of the new away kit jersey.

Pepe Reina demonstrating the awesomeness of the new goal keeper outfit.

Fais Azlan...

Note: Somehow, I have to accept it because it wasn't meant to be.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Here's To The Life.

Dear people,

Let me start by saying...

They said I need to kick it harder... Well people, I will...

I know it has been a very long time since I've updated my blog. Certain circumstances prevented me from doing so. Work is the main culprit behind this. Most of the time I'll be either at the project site or at the office, doing some paperwork. The scenario is simple and can be easily understood. It's like this, plain simple. In the morning, I'll go to my table at the office and sit down to do my work. But, certain amount of times, my boss, will call me and follow him to site which is currently at Kem Padang Tembak, somewhere in the Kuala Lumpur area. Usually, I'll be there from the morning until after office hours. Mostly doing work and listening to this General mumbling about this and that. Conclusion, no time to blog.

During the night usually I'll be too lazy to go out. I used to sleep at around 3am or even 5am but now, my eyes will automatically shuts off at around 11.30pm or maximum it can withstand is 1am. After that, dream land. Yes again, no time to blog. You might ask me why don't you do it after dinner and the answer is, I'll be either watching television or spending my time with my brother. He'll be here only till August and after that god knows when will I ever see him again so, yeah, I have to spend time with him too. He's the only blood relative that I'll have when my parents is no longer around.

The old Fais might have hated this since you know, everyday 8.30am - 5.30pm but somehow I know he'll understand that he can't forever stays being like that. In life, progress is one of the most important thing that will ensure our future is well secured and better. Well, introducing the new Fais, yes he might still be a little childish and playful, but there's also this part of him in which had grow and accept the responsibilities that a man should carry on his shoulder. People usually will say, "say goodbye to the old Fais" but not in my case. In my case, the appropriate quote will be " let's welcome the new Fais into the club and together with old Fais, he can be a matured and better person now".

Progress towards a better future for myself. Now, that's what I call a good move. Thanks to Allah for giving me this opportunity and I know although I'm not perfect in term of my religion practices, I will try my best to improve myself and be closer to the one and only, Allah. :)


Note: MxPx - Here's To The Life.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

When 2 Become 1.

Yesterday, by the date of 13th of June 2009, I attended 2 wedding occasions with all of the guys in Com.Sj's. Morning was Shahidan and Na's and later during the day, it was Hasniza's brother's wedding. The ceremony was held basically both at the bride's house with Na's located somewhere in Kuang, near to Sg. Buloh and as for the other one, it was somewhere in Klang or Meru.

Woke up early and put on my yellow baju melayu. Reza came to pick and me up and off we go to pick up the others. After a while, I realized that out of the 5 of us in the car, I was the only one who was wearing a freaking slippers as the others were wearing black formal shoes. So, my reaction was simple yet efficient. I asked Reza to drove back to my house and let me get my shoes and that was exactly what we did. I'm totally glad for that.

Soon after that, we went to Idan's house and waited for the 'King of the day' to finally appear. We pushed off around half and hour later and reached our destination after about 30 minutes of driving. Each of us were assigned to carry the 'hantaran' and from the way I see it, each and everyone of us was proud to do it for our wonderful friend, Shahidan. Afzar himself was the 'Pengapit' and he was sweating more than the groom did. After the ceremony had reached the end, all of the guest was invited to help themselves to varieties of food and delicacies. The food was simply amazing.

A lot of photos were taken by various people holding cameras and after conveying our congratulations to Idan, off we go to our next destination. As we were quite late, we missed the wedding ceremony but it was alright as the food was still available. So, we ate, yet again. Delicious meal. Chit chated a while and we head home.

Along the way, tired faces can be seen as most of us, apart from the drivers that is, slept throughout the entire journey home. Munzir even managed to snap a picture of me sleeping. Well you know, woke up early on a Saturday and a lot of movement so it was understandable for most of us to fulfill our destiny to sleep in the car.

Reached home and took a shower and placed myself on the couch. Can't move at all. Tired legs and body. In the end, at around 2am, while I was doing the Powerpoint slides for the presentation this Tuesday to HUKM regarding our project, I dozed off and woke up at around 11.30am.

Great day, great food and most important of all, great friends.

To Idan and Na, congratulations and hope both of you will live long and prosper.


Note: Engkaulah Destinasiku.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Progressive Maneuver Towards Success.

Success. That is what we look for in our life regardless in what area or in which sector that we engaged ourselves in. In life, most of us as human being have this one goal that we try very hard to achieve and that goal I'm talking about here is financial freedom. I'm sure for most of us, the ordinary people that is, frequently thinks about money because well, we live in a world where money dictates everything and I mean everything.

Money resembles power, possession, status, recognition and etc. These are the things that money promises if we're able to have loads and loads amount of it. I'm pretty sure for most of us, we've been through the hardship of living with a limited amount of financial capability or in some cases, even with no money at all. Without a doubt, these are the factors that will push us to strive harder and make that extra effort, in whichever ways, to achieve financial freedom.

"Nothing in this world worth having comes easy" Dr. Kelso, Scrubs.

This is a statement that glued in my head since I saw this particular episode of Scrubs, one of the American TV series that I followed until now. Note this, I watched it in 2005, back when I was still studying at MMU Cyberjaya. 4 years and it still kicks me in the head almost everyday.

What Dr. Kelso said is definitely true. Nothing in this world worth having comes easy, regardless of what that is. It can either be in term of money, property, happiness or even people. People would mean our special ones, family and friends.

What I'm saying here is that, things that are harder to get, will make us appreciate it more. Trust me, I've been in that situation far too many times and far too many times, I failed to appreciate it. I regretted it very much and even until now, if I can turn back the time, I would have appreciated those people and things much much more than the way I appreciated them before. But, I learn from my mistakes and although I regret it, I will make sure that I will improve and learn how to appreciate the people and things around me better.

As a conclusion, I would like to point out that, whatever your goals may be, working hard to achieve financial freedom, motivating your loved ones to get them back on their feet, doing everything you can to get the person you desires or even pushing oneself to the very limit to achieve whatever he/she is focusing upon, remember this, nothing in this world worth having comes easy.


Note: Rihanna - Hatin' On The Club.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Owh my god. Look at how long since I last updated my blog. Been quite busy lately.

I'm writing this to wish all of my friends who had recently got married congratulations and may you and your partner live a happy long life together.

Yours Crazily,
Fais Azlan.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Lessons In Life.

It has been quite a while since I last updated my blog. I've been quite busy lately with a lot of things that somehow prevented my from spending time in front of my PC. I'm rarely online nowadays. During these past few days, a lot of things had happened that had certainly enlighten my life and made me realize that appreciating those who are around us is absolutely vital and important.

Within the mentioned period, I've seen people somehow fucked themselves up for whatever reasons behind it, I've seen kindness in places that I never expected it to appear, I've seen how a person can change my life from a good life to a greater and glorious life, I've seen the true value of friendship blessing the environment with cheerful atmosphere that almost made me felt that I was in heaven and the most important of all, I've seen how a family can provide the support and motivation that a person requires if he/she were to be punished by this cruel world.

People may assume they can live in this world all by themselves. Yes they can, by how long can they stand? If somebody were come to me and say that they can live in this world all by themselves, I would reply them with a hard knock Fuck You! Don't bullshit me with your stupid craps.

What I'm saying here is that appreciate life and don't fuck it up just because some stupid minor things/incidents that demotivated you to live your life. Live it up. This is your life. Make the best out of it.


Note: Earth Wind and Fire - Written In The Stone.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

You'll Never Walk Alone It Said, Torres! Torres!

Interview With Fernando Torres.

The one and only...


You're simply the best. I'm glad that you're here with Liverpool FC.

His armband proved he was a red, Torres! Torres!
You'll Never Walk Alone it said, Torres! Torres!
We got the lad from sunny Spain, he gets the ball he scores again,
Fernando Torres, Liverpool's No. 9.

Torres! Torres! Torres!

You're my idol.


Note: I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You.

Monday, May 18, 2009


My utmost congratulations goes to all of the champions of their respected leagues...

England - Barclays Premier League: Manchester United
Italy - Serie A: Inter Milan
Spain - Premiera Liga: Barcelona
Portugal - SuperLiga: Porto
Germany - Bundesliga: Undetermined
France - Ligue 1: Undetermined

Congratulations to all of the mentioned teams...

P/S: Dear Benitez, fuck you, you fuckface. Stop being such an asshole. Can you please just congratulate Ferguson for United's success on winning the Premier League. Don't be such a fucking arrogant bitch and tarnish Liverpool's image. Let's focus on next season now. Just do your motherfucking job will ya...

Liverpool's Number 1 Fan,

Note: Liverpool FC (You'll Never Walk Alone).

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Improvement And Betterment.

Improvement and betterment. What does these two words have in common or should I say the similarities of the meaning between them? The answer is progressive effort for the better to whatever matters concerned.

Some of you might wonder what the hell am I trying to convey here. Well, I'm talking about my one and only beloved football club, Liverpool FC. Don't get me wrong, they've been fantastic throughout the entire season. Not to the extend of winning trophies or being the champion of anything but at least, people gave the club a well-deserved credits for their effort and hard work to get where they're now.

Yesterday's result basically is a closure to the Premier League challenge. Our (Me and all the other Liverpool fans) title hope is almost definitely out of the picture. Our greatest rival, Manchester United beat Wigan thanks to goal by Tevez and Carrick with a score of 2-1. With 2 games to go, the maximum points that we can accumulate from those matches is 6 and Utd is currently at 86 points, 6 more than what we have at 80. This means that Utd will only need one point from the remaining games that they'll play to bag the Premier League title. Securing a draw against Arsenal is considerably hard but against Hull City? Don't bullshit me if you say Man Utd can't at least secure a point from that particular match.

But, as far as I'm concern, the title race is very much alive and kicking but the chances of Liverpool winning the Premier League is slim. Only destiny can determine the outcome of the current season.

To all those Liverpool fans out there, don't be sad or even think of fucking up yourself by switching to other clubs. That's betrayal and I will personally kick your ass if you do so.

For the current 2008/2009 season:

FA Cup: Fourth Round. (Lost 0-1 to Everton in the replay match at Goodison Park)
League Cup: Fifth Round. (Lost 2-4 to Tottenham Hotspurs at White Hart Lane)
UEFA Champions League: Quarter-Finals. (Lost 5-7 on aggregate to Chelsea)
Barclays Premier League: Undetermined. (Probably 2nd)

In my opinion, we should be proud of the progress we've made this season. Look at where we stand in Premier League currently. Finishing 2nd this season will be suffice enough because yes we're not the champion but it's a fucking good progress. We finished 4th last season and this season, most probably we'll finish 2nd. Next season? I'm sure you'll understand what I mean. If you're aren't able to do that, check your brain.

We're improving almost every season and if we stay on the right track, I'm pretty sure we'll be a force to be reckoned with. Here are some suggestions or should I say opinions that I think might enhance Liverpool's chances of winning trophies next season:

1) Gerrard + Torres partnership dependency.
For me personally, in both seasons, 07/08 and 08/09, we depended too much on the Gerrard + Torres partnership that produces a lot of valuable goals for Liverpool. Yes they're a great combination due to the fact that when they're both playing together, expect goals from either one of them. But, we should also accept the fact that without them, most of the time, we didn't perform. Basically what this fact is telling us is that, we need more players that can hit the net on regular basis.

2) Consistency.
This is what Liverpool don't acquire at full percentage. We're fantastic when it comes to humiliating or defeating big clubs such as Manchester United, Chelsea, Real Madrid and etc but when the club went up against smaller clubs, we then to somehow fucked ourselves and got beaten. Remember we lost 0-2 to Middlesbrough? If we want win silverwares next season, like it or not, we have to be consistent throughout the season.

3) Fuck those pathetic draws.
We drew way too much every season. Please bare in mind that a draw only gives 1 point and that's short of 2 points from the maximum points that can be accumulated from a fixture. Last season we drew 13 games and this season stands at 11 games. Wouldn't it be wonderful is Liverpool could win half of those games? It'll be much more competitive compared to the current performance. In short, fuck those stupid draws and win it instead.

4) Arrogant.
It is undeniable that our beloved manager, Benitez, can sometimes be a pain in the ass. He tends to be arrogant at times and this will only brings in more hatred towards the club. Cocky statements and initiating arguments is definitely some of the attitudes that he should throw away next season onwards.

Please take note that these are my humble opinions and suggestions and if you disagree or not in the same boat as me, than fuck off. People have rights to their opinions and these are mine. Don't like it? Fuck You.


Note: Liverpool FC (You'll Never Walk Alone).

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Burn, burn, for us, for them, for you!

Lost Prophets - Burn Burn

UEFA Champions League Semi-Final Second Leg Fixtures:

Manchester United 3 - Arsenal 1 (Aggregate 4 - 1)

This was a match that clearly indicates why Man Utd deserves to be in the final as compared to the other teams competing for the glory of winning the Champions League. Throughout the entire match, the better side was clearly the Red Devils.

Experience definitely played a major role for Utd as they booked their final spot against the very much on-form, Barcelona. It is undeniable that Arsenal is a team that had impressed much of the football experts with their fantastic passing and teamwork. This is due to the fact that although the team consists mostly young individuals, they still managed to play beautiful football and scores in almost every match.

But, experience proved to be much more important than 'teenage spirits'. Utd clearly hold the advantage and it is not surprise to see them beating Arsenal.

Ji-Sung Park provided Utd's first goal from a mistake by Gibbs, Arsenal's left defender, who slips as he was trying to intercept the ball from reaching the Korean international and Park didn't need an invitation to score by netting Utd's first goal of the game.

Utd's second goal was scored by Ronaldo who produced a tremendous ballistic ball from a well taken free-kick, beating Almunia who did his best to prevent the ball from hitting the net but with that speed, he had no chance of even touching the ball.

Utd's third came from a fantastic counter-attack effort, capturing the Arsenal's defensive line as they were pushing for goals and they were severely punished with a superb run by Park who then passed the ball to Rooney who were running on the left flank and crosses the ball for Ronaldo to net in his second of the game, Utd's 3 goal.

Arsenal managed to grab a consolation goal from Van Persie's penalty kick. It was given by the match official as Fabregas was fouled by Fletcher who was later red carded and sent off the field.

With Rome in their grasps, the football enthusiasts can expect them to defend their title against the Spanish giant, Barcelona.

Chelsea 1 - Barcelona 1 (Aggregate 1 - 1. Barcelona win on the away goal rule)

It was a day to be forgotten to the Chelsea fans as their team was knocked out of the Champions League by Barcelona. Although it was a fair result for both teams as the final score indicates a 1-1 result, the away goal rule gave Barcelona the much needed advantage to book their place in the Champions League final.

Essien scored Chelsea's goal of the match with a thunderous left footed goal and Valdes who threw himself trying to stop the ball, failed miserably and Stamford Bridge erupted as Chelsea are now one step closer to Rome. After the goal, the game was very much all about Barcelona.

They hold the possession and was constantly bombarding the Chelsea's goal with various chances but failed to score.

Second half, Barcelona pushed harder to grab the equalizer and as the match was nearing end, they scored. Iniesta scored the goal in the 93rd minute, deep into the injury time and broke the hearts of the Chelsea fans as the Blues are now out of the competition.


UEFA Champions League Final.

Barcelona Vs. Manchester Utd.

As expected.


Note: Ergh!

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Punk On!

(Copied from one of the comments on a video featured in YouTube)

U say jonas brothers, i say Blink 182
u say miley cyrus, i say The Offspring
u say britney spears, i say Green Day
u say counting crows, i say Linkin Park
u say Backstreet boys, i say Sum 41
you say pop, i say rock/punk
92% of kids have turned to rap or pop
If your one of the 8% still listening to real music copy and paste this to three other vids. KEEP THE SPIRIT OF ROCK!


Note: Sum 41 - Makes No Difference.

Monday, May 04, 2009

311 - Hey You.

Fantastic. That's how I label my last Saturday. And yes I know I'm a day late to blog about this. This is due to the fact that I was rarely at home during the past weekend. Some of the activities that I did was went to the movies (Wolverine), watch football matches, hang out with my buddies and etc.

Last Saturday was simply a great day and the appropriate word to describe it is active. The party involved on this trip was me, Syamsul and Reza. Our day started with sending our friend to the Puduraya bus station in KL and grab our breakfast. The place of choice was the Pelita Restaurant located near the KLCC building. We had light a breakfast as there are places to go in which requires us to eat and stretch our stomachs to the very limit.

We devoured our food and went to the KLCC just to past the time before our next activity. Along our way, we saw this Proton showroom and decided to go in as apart from Syamsul, me and Reza haven't check out the new Proton Exora. We went in and fired the salesman with various questions related to the car. I myself asked about the engine capacity, the mileage per litre the car can go, the comparison between the car, Nissan Livina, and Toyota Avanza and even the price.

To my surprise, the salesman was somehow convinced that I was there to really purchase the car and unbelievably, he even managed to drag me to his office table and laid out the details about the car. At that particular moment, I deliberately played along with the salesman's game. I even asked how much should I pay monthly if I were to purchase the car. If only I had the courage to ask him this, "Do I look like a guy who's here to purchase an MPV car?" 

As I was bullshitting the salesman, one of his colleague went and have a little chat with Reza and Syamsul. He asked my friends this exact question "Amecam bro, ockay?" and my brilliant friend Reza, an expert in crapping, apart from me, replied "Haa tue member saye tengah buat down-payment" referring to me who was still chatting with the salesman, filling me with a lot of information about the damn car.

After that, we walk around in KLCC just to get some air-cond as it was damn hot outside. Later after that we went to Syamsul's brother's place and soon after that, we went to Shah Alam to Reza's friend's house. We ate a lot on both occasions. Delicious food on the table and we couldn't resist the temptations.

Fantastic isn't it? 

Wonderful friends and delicious food. 


311 - Hey You.

Note: Show me the right path and get the hell out of my way.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Fantastic Football.

Real Madrid 2 - Barcelona 6.

I've just finished watching the match between two of the most fiercest rival in the Spanish Premiera Liga and my god, it was one hell of a match. This particular fixture is simply known as 'El Classico' in Spain.

Although Real Madrid had the advantage of playing in front of their home crowd, they weren't able to match up with the quality that the Barcelona squad possesses. Throughout the entire match, the likes of Messi, Henry, Xavi, Eto and Puyol put on a show that is far beyond any teams' reach.

Real Madrid was outclassed by the fantastic football demonstrated by Barcelona. Tremendous passes, pin-point crosses, out-of-this-world skills, brilliant through balls, and great teamwork. 

In simple words, Barcelona, you're simply, admirable. 

Breathtaking performance.


Note: 9.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Mind Blasting.

Fuck. It has been quite a while since I updated my blog. Around a week I think. Well, my grandmother was admitted back into the hospital due to some problems with her condition.  I've been travelling back and forth between Subang Jaya and Ampang almost everyday within these past few days. Let's pray that she will improve and leave that 'sick place' once and for all. My mother was dead concern about her, so being a good son, eceh, I accompanied and drove her to the hospital so she won't have to. Make sense huh?

Apart from the above, nothing extravagant occurred within these past few days. Just going on with my plain everyday life. I'm still waiting for the reply from MPSJ since I applied for this post called 'Pegawai Tadbir'. I don't know what the hell people call it in English but I guess Management Officer can be applied here? I have no idea whatsoever. The deadline was last Monday and I expect it will take quite some time for me to get the feedback from them since, well you know, governmental bodies. Unless the head is around to monitor their work, they'll work as if they were on a holiday. Slow and steady.

I have another interesting story to tell here. Although I know this is a stupid one but for me personally, this particular incident was quite hilarious in my point of view. So, the story goes as follow. Last Friday, after finish playing football, I went straight to the Subang Jaya's KTM station to pick my father up since he was lazy to drive to work on that particular day and decided to take the train instead. Unlucky for both of us, the train somehow got stucked somewhere in Lembah Pantai due to the fact that something went wrong with it and the train can't move, yet again. As a result, I had to wait for my father and while I was waiting, I saw this guy sitting down alone, on the roadside, right beside of the drainage system.

It's a normal scene right? To see a person waiting for his/her friends, family or whatever. But this guy was unique. Not in a good way but in an awkward way. He was talking, no no, screaming is the appropriate word, alone. Yes, he was screaming alone. He was saying stuffs like "Mana dia nie?", "Alaaaaa", "Kenape jadi macam nie?" and a lot more. Trust me, a lot was said but these are the ones that I managed to recall from the incident. 

He couldn't be bothered of the public looking at him amazed by his ability to talk alone loudly by the roadside. The guy shouted alone for about 15 minutes. I was watching him from a safe distance realizing that people like this might burst out suddenly, out of nowhere and the people closest to him/her, for sure, will be the target. 

Weird ey? Well, sometimes life can push us to the very limit of our patience and if we're not able to contain it, we might end up doing the same thing as what this guy did.


Note: The Three Days Rule.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Green Day - Know Your Enemy

At last, the video for Green Day - Know Your Enemy is finally out. Their latest single from their upcoming album 21st Century Breakdown. Although I know pretty soon YouTube is going to remove this, let's enjoy it for now.

And yes, I'm a fan of Green Day eversince their very first album Dookie. I have all of their albums but hell I forgot where I placed them. Some are in the cassettes form and some are in CD's.

Note that I was a punk kid before and still are. 

2 Decades of music and they're still kicking asses with their music.


Note: 'Green Day' your heart and soul!

Happy Birthday Aizu.

I hereby would like to wish my dear friend Aizu Happy 24th Birthday.

May Allah bless you with all the greatness in life.


Taken from a verse featured in Green Day - Know Your Enemy:

Silence is the enemy 
Against your urgency 
So rally up the demons of your soul 

Note: I'm allergic to bullshit.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Something To Ponder Upon.

I've recently watched a television series titled Desperate Housewives and yes I know the show is more towards women-related story since well you know, housewives, but for some reasons, I like it. I've just finished watching Season 5 Episode 19. Note that I've been following it since Season 1 Episode 1.

In this particular series, Edie Britt, one of the main characters in the show died because of an accident that occurs as she was driving away, running from her 'crazy' husband, Dave. As she reached a junction, she mis-controlled her car and it hits the nearby lamp post. She died soon after that. 

At the end of this particular series, Edie, temporarily acting as the narrator, said something that hits me hard and made me think about life itself. 

This was what being said:

(Copied from a Google search I've done)

''As I looked down on the world, I began to let go of it,'' she said without a hint of remorse. ''I let go of white picket fences and cars and driveways, coffee cups and vacuum cleaners. I let go of all those things that seemed so ordinary but when you put them together, they make up a life, a life that really was one of a kind. I'll tell you something: It's not hard to die when you know you have lived, and I did. Oh, how I lived.''

Enough about the show and let's get to what I want to talk about here.

The things she mentioned made me realized that life is precious far beyond anything in this world, or even the universe. It is something that we took for granted due to the fact that we didn't appreciate it enough. We rarely thank God Almighty for giving us this opportunity to live and experience life.

We should live our life to the fullest regardless of the barriers that we may face in the near future. Why do we want to look backwards and miss the greater opportunities that lies ahead for us to experience. We only live once and if we don't appreciate it enough, we've missed something that is beyond any explanation, beyond any imagination, beyond any words can describe, and definitely beyond anything else.

Move forward not backward. Don't throw our precious life away by doing stupid and un-beneficial things. That's not what life is all about. Enjoy it. In a good way that is. Go and have fun. Appreciate all the people around us, especially our family and friends.

Do good things towards other people. Show kindness to them and help them if they ever need our help. Be kind to each other because that is what life about, kindness.

And yes, although I'm self-centredself-involved, and selfish, but still, I have a side in which appreciates the people around me and I show it with kindness and good deeds.

I end my post with a simple caption but yet, meaningful.

"A life that really was, one of a kind."

Because that is how I want my life to be known as when I finally leave this world.

One of a kind.


Note: Fernando Torres (9).

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Com.Sj.

Well well, looks like it has been quite a while since I've updated my blog. A lot of reasons contributed to this but the main culprit, is me going out almost everyday and every night. For sure, something will pop up and being myself, I would say hell yeah to any plan as long as it is fun and exciting. Now you people know why I love my friends more than anything in this world apart from my family. Without them, I would diminish and the world would surely devour me instantly.

Last weekend, the Com.Sj, the name of our futsal team in which comprises of me and my friends decided to enter this tournament held in HTO located somewhere in those industrial area of USJ. The result is not something that we could be proud of but who gives a fuck about it. We tried our best and the most important thing is that we enjoyed ourselves. The way I look at it is we got together and play a sport that unites us in almost every aspect of life, football. 

Throughout the competition, we had fun laughing at other people but mostly ourselves, we took pictures in various poses, we screamed our hearts out to our team mates to motivate them to play better and we even showed to people, we are a group of friends that whatever happens, we stick together through the good and the bad times. Now, that's what I call friends.

My utmost appreciation and thank you goes to:

Hazwan. I can still remember him screaming loudly "Kite boley makan team nie!", just to make us realize that we need to buck up and play better if we were to beat the other team. 

Syamsul, who made an effort to register our team into the tournament. He was also the one who wakes each and every one of us just to ensure that we didn't miss any matches that we had to play. Luckily for me, because if it wasn't for his call, I would have slept until the evening. 

Aizu, who came to watch us play although his name was not registered due to the fact that he had plans but at the the last moment, those plans were cancelled.

Nadia, Hazriana, and Farah who attended the tournament and gave us the much needed encouragement to perform better.

The outcome of the tournament mentioned above was like a kick in the head for us. Although it sounds demotivating, we look at the bright side of it. We've analyzed our problems and rectified on what should be done in order for us to be better and improve ourselves in the next coming tournaments. Credits goes to Hazwan who sacrifices himself guarding the goal because if it weren't for him, we would have been crushed to the ground.

Conclusion, I love you guys. 

On other note, the champions league result was kind of expected. Manchester United and Arsenal had no problem progressing into the semi-finals. Barcelona showed that they're in deed a force in Europe when they destroyed Bayern with a score of 5-1 on aggregate. As for Liverpool, well, we've tried our best but Chelsea was the better team and in the end they beat us 7-5 on aggregate. They deserved the win and Liverpool had no one to blame but themselves for allowing Chelsea to get the better of them.

As for the Premier League, Aston Villa is now almost certainly will miss out on the chance of qualifying into the Champions League next season then they only managed to grab a draw in the match against West Ham United. Looks like the fourth spot, the last Champions League spot will surely be Arsenals'. 

The battle for the Premier League crown is still undecided. The advantage goes to Manchester United since they still have a game in hand over Liverpool and Chelsea who is still placed at the second and third place with Liverpool being 1 point behind and Chelsea 4 points behind respectively. The title race is still wide open and the deciding factor will be whether all these teams can maintain winning matches until the end of the season. Dropping points is definitely not an option for these teams.


Note: Green Day - Know Your Enemy.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Aggregate: Porto FC 2 - Manchester United FC 3

For me personally, this match is very much one of the match that I've waited for. This is because no English team had ever win in Porto. The first leg result of 2-2 is a tremendous advantage for Porto to progress into the next stage of the competition. All they need is just a simple draw of either 0-0 or 1-1, thanks to the away rule. Man Utd, the current World Club Champion and the League Cup Champion, knows that they will have an uphill task at Porto.

The starting line up was pretty much their first eleven choices for both teams. Porto featured almost all of their main squad with Hulk leading upfront. As for the Red Devils, apart from Scholes, who was later substituted during the game, who were replaced by Anderson, the other 10 players was very much their usual starting line up. Ferdinand who was had just recovered from injury, was featured to the relieve of United fans.

Porto started off strong with them creating a few dangerous chances. Most of those chances was created outside of United's penalty box but with Ferdinand, Vidic, Evra and O' Shea standing in the way between them and the goal, there's nothing much they can do apart from shooting the ball outside of the box. To everyone's surprise, Ronaldo scored the one and only goal of the match in the 6th minute with a fantastic and out of this world shot far from the goal. The goalkeeper had no chance to save it as the ball was curling into the right corner of his goal. 

The ball was paced so hard that it travelled 100km/h before it hit the net. After this goal, Porto pushed hard to equalize realizing that even with a score of 1-1, they will still qualify into the semi-final stage, according to the away goal rule. United was left defending until the end of the the first half.

Second half, Porto pushed harder for the equalizer with dangerous shots from Hulk and Lopez but Van Der Sar was at his best to save the ball from those shots. Nani was brought in replacing Berbatov and he provided a much needed 'stint' to push forward as United was looking to grab the second goal to seal the game off. Rooney had a few chances but failed to hit the net. 

Porto had one last chance to score the equalizing goal just before the final whistle were blown but the shot was lack of power and Van Der Sar catches the ball with no complications at all. 

In the end, United won the match with a score of 1-0 thanks to a brilliant strucked goal from none other than, the wonder kid, the FIFA World Best Player of the World, Cristiano Ronaldo.

Aggregate: Porto FC 2 - Manchester United FC 3


Note: El Canto Del Loco - Eh Tu.