Friday, January 30, 2009

Big World? Think Again.

I'm sure each and every one of you had at least once in your life heard people saying that the world is big. There's no doubt it's big since we have 7 continents and a few numbers of continental/tectonic plates that holds each of these continents. Ever wonder what cause earthquakes and tsunamis? It's the movements of these continental/tectonic plates which cause those unfortunate disasters to occur. Look at the 2004 Tsunami which hits countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Kenya and etc. This particular tsunami occurred when the Indian plate slides under the Burman plate which resulted an instant reaction of the sea floor to rise up a little and subsequently, comes back down. When the Burman plate shoots up, about 50 metres, the water level rose and the gravity pulls it back down and this creates a tsunami.

Getting back to our topic.The earth is actually a little tiny piece out of the whole universe. To demonstrate this, look at the monitor/lcd screen that you're using now and imagine that device is the universe. The earth is smaller than one pixel out of that screen you're looking at. A solar system consists of planets and a sun. That is one solar system. On the other hand, a galaxy consists of thousands or millions of solar systems. And throughout the entire universe, there's millions of billions of galaxies. Now, imagine just how many planets are there in this universe. My god, I don't think I can even write the number down. It would require me to constantly writing for at least the whole day.

Let's talk about our sun. The most important object in our solar system. It gives us light, grows us food, keeps our solar system in tact, and many more. Just to name a few of its functions. Our sun is no doubt, big or more like humongous. But comparing it to other type of suns in the universe, our sun is actually small. Every sun will eventually dies off when it runs out of Hydrogen, consumed by its unstable core, contracting itself throughout the dying process. This is the Red Giant phase, due to the fact that the sun will turn reddish in colour. Then, helium, which is the second biggest composition of the sun, will heats itself and this will produce carbon, entering the sun into the next phase, the asymptotic giant branch phase.

The outer layer of the sun will then be thrown off by its intense thermal pulsations, forming a planetary nebula. What's left now is just an extremely hot core in which it will slowly cools down and fade away as a white dwarf over millions of years. White dwarf doesn't have any purpose or threat to other solar systems as it is just a floating object in the universe. That's for our sun, which is tiny compared to other suns. As for the bigger ones, it will die off by exploding (supernova) and unlike our sun, this type of sun will die off as a black hole. This object called black hole is so powerful that not even lights can get pass through it. The light will instead sucked into the black hole and disappears. These black holes is so densed that a teaspoon size of it will weight an astonishing, 100,000 ton. Yes, one teaspoon of the black hole = 100,000 ton.

Regarding the size of our world. The pictures below demonstrates how 'big' is our world.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I am writing this to express my displeasure and anger towards my one and only club, Liverpool FC. If I was the owner of this club, I would have strangled each and every one of the players and shouted out 'What the fuck is wrong with you guys?'.

No doubt they're currently one of the best teams in the world but the way they're performing nowadays, they're getting stupid and idiotic. What are they lacking? Consistency. The main fucking ingredient of a champion. They would win games in a row, beat big teams on the 'away' grounds/stadiums but after a few games, they'll fuck it up by drawing almost half of the remaining games. What happens next? You've guessed it. Other teams will win the EPL. Doesn't this sound ridiculous? We have all the best talents in the world but we can't win the Premier League title. Bullshit.

We were on top for a while but then as usual, every fucking season, Man Utd or Chelsea will replace us at the top. What the hell is that? Don't tell me this is good. Unless the club authorities, which includes the manager, do something about this, we, the Liverpool fans will have to wait yet another season to see our beloved club holding the EPL trophy (if we can win it that is) .

It has been, what? around 19 fucking years? 19!!! Way too long for a big club like us...

Wake up Liverpool... Wake your ass up...


Note: Sorry, my anger took control.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Racial Unity.

As planned, I went to Syamsul's house with my friends, Aizu and Hazwan to have our lunch. This was like a gathering for his family and being a good friend, he invited us too. We had a wonderful time chatting around and as usual I was the first victim of the mouth firing squad. I was hit with a lot of massive indigestible painful points and to make things worst, I didn't have any points to fight back. As a result of that, I was bashed inside out. Some of the points that they somehow managed to voiced out was Liverpool sux, I will always try to shoot in front of goal instead of passing the ball (I have to admit this one is true but I do pass the ball half of the time), I hardly defend my goal (which is not true) and I aaauuufff aaauuufff a lot.

Thanks to a delightful lunch, I am now in a state where even if there's a free Pizza right in front of me, I wouldn't even look at it and surely, I won't even think of eating it. Realizing that the day was still young, we went to Makbul and hang out. The main topic for this particular hang out session was about our futsal matches. We discussed about when and where will be our next match and learning that it will be held on this coming Wednesday, I was already on the 7th heaven. After about an hour, I went back home and rested myself in front of the television.

Around 8.30pm, my father and I went to our neighbour's house located right behind of our house. They invited us to come over as they were celebrating the Chinese New Year with their family and friends. Dressed up accordingly and we walked to their house. We chit chatted a while and the first remark that I got was "you're the one who plays football every evening at the field when you were still schooling right?" And I replied, yes uncle, that's me. That's how most of my neighbours remembers me. They were also having an Indian family as their guest when I arrived. After about half an hour, we went back home with a bag full of oranges. Thank you uncle.

What I can conclude from attending my neighbour's open house is, this is what being a Malaysian is all about. A chinese host welcoming and treating us extremely well with love and caring. Regardless of our racial background, both families (Me, my dad and the Indian family) was treated with utmost respect and their hospitality was simply incredible. This is why Malaysia is a unique country. Various races living under one name, Malaysian. The racial unity that we enjoy now must not be tarnished or harmed and we must do whatever we can to keep our country peaceful and out of harms way.

Continuing from my day, later after that I went out, again. To have a drink with my ex-classmates at the Papa Rich Cafe or whatever the name was. The people attended was me, Mayriana, Chee Yim, Liyana and Izham. Reminiscing about the good old days, we laughed out hearts out. We talked about everything from our daily lives, careers, jobs, families, relationships (in which I was neutral when this topic was discussed) and etc. Mostly, we talked about our future and as I was listening to their conversations, I realized that no matter how I try to distract myself from thinking about it, planning for the future is important and unavoidable. Usually things like marriage, relationships and careers would be the last thing that I want to think about. But this hang out session had opened up my eyes to what the future holds for me. Unless I get myself on the right track, I know one day I will regret the fact that I didn't put my priorities right.

At around 12.30 midnight, as it was quite late for some of us, we all decided to go home....


Note: Incubus - Warning.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Liverpool 1 - Everton 1 (at Bidara Restaurant)

The day started off pretty well due to the fact that I woke up feeling fresh and energetic. I slept quite early yesterday. I went to bed at around 1am and woke up at 1pm. That's 12 freaking hours of sleep. I'm known to be an over-the-limit sleeper. Usually normal people would only need between 6 to 8 hours of sleep but in my case, 8 hours is the minimum level that I can withstand. Anything lower than that will result of me feeling dizzy the next day and to make things worst, I will look like a zombie walking around, on a mission to destroy mankind.

Upon waking up, I immediately hit the shower as the day was so freaking hot. I was already sweating by the time I got up. After a much needed shower, I went down and had my lunch. I had fried mee for my lunch today and I was relieve to see this particular dish was served on the table as I was not in a mood for rice today. After devouring my food, I 'parked' myself in front of the tv. I watched the usual channels like food channel, AXN, National Geographic, Discovery Channel, Star Sports and the ESPN Channel. Spent around 3 to 4 hours watching various programs offered on the channels I mentioned earlier.

As planned, later that night I went and hang out with my friends at Bidara to watch the Liverpool - Everton match. It's not the Premier League but the FA Cup. I brought the poker cards along as it had become a tradition for us to play cards while waiting (and sometimes even during the match if the match was boring) for the match to start. Commenting on the poker games that we played, I started off badly. I lost 4 to 5 games in a row thanks to my clumsiness when it comes to arranging the cards properly and to add salt to the wound, I even failed to formulate the proper strategy to win those games that I lost. But thanks to my don't give up attitude, I recovered immediately and won the next 5 games continuously. Some of the remarks that I got from my friends was Miu Miu Miu (to stress out that there is no use of me complaining as they're not listening), loser, noob (newbie), lopek and many more.

The moment had arrived. The much anticipated match (for me that is) had started. This is an important game for us, the Liverpool fans, because it's a Merseyside derby. For those who don't understand what it means, Merseyside derby is a match between the 2 biggest team (Liverpool FC and Everton FC) in the Merseyside County located North West of England. It's like a local rivalry among them. Their stadiums are located quite near to each other.

My comments on the Liverpool - Everton match:

The 1-1 result for me personally is not to say bad but it's not good either as Liverpool will now have to play the replay match in Everton's Stadium, the Goodison Park Stadium. Throughout the whole match, Liverpool controlled the game. The first half weren't that impressive as they allowed Everton to create some chances and they were severely punished when J. Lescott, one of the Everton's player, headed the ball into the net from a corner kick on the right side of the Liverpool's goal. That goal shocked the much spirited Liverpool fans, not only the ones who were there in the Anfield Stadium, but also me and a few of the Liverpool supporters who watched the game here, in Bidara.

The second half was much much better. Liverpool's possession of the ball was brilliant. The accuracy in the team's passing was simply fantastic. This had resulted Liverpool to create more chances compared to the first half. They pushed really hard and was constantly bombarding the Everton's goal and in the end, it paid off. Gerrard scored the goal from the left side of the Everton's goal from a cheeky backhill pass by Torres. After that, it was a one way traffic throughout the rest of the match. Liverpool pressed hard on finding the winner but luck was not on their side. Tim Howard, the Everton's goalkeeper was guarding his goal brilliantly throughout the entire match and each time Liverpool came close to grab the winning goal, he's there to deny them by making superb saves.

In the end, Liverpool had to accept the fact that they weren't able to win this match and they will have to face Everton again during the replay match, this time, in the Goodison Park Stadium. Although this may sound over confident, but I am definitely sure that we can beat Everton in the replay.

You'll Never Walk Alone.

After the match, we went back home. I reached the house around 2am. As a conclusion, I'm not disappointed with Liverpool's performance but I think they should really sharpen up their finishing touches in order to put the ball into the back of the net more often. Too many chances were blown away.

Here's the pictures of me, Aizu, Syamsul and Qidran who watched the Liverpool - Everton match at the Bidara Restaurant yesterday night.




and the one and only,



Note: Lady Gaga - Just Dance.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year.

Dear all,

I would like to wish all of you, especially to my Chinese friends, a Happy Chinese New Year. Enjoy the holiday and I hope you'll have a fabulous time with your friends and families. Drive carefully and make sure your eyes is always on the road. Have a safe journey to your designated destination.



It's Saturday and usually on this day I would be awaken by my parents to go the places that they have planned. But not this particular Saturday though. As the clock was hitting 12.30pm, I opened up my eyes and couldn't believe that I am actually still at home at this time on a Saturday. Usually I would be outside, pissing off people, usually my friends. Haha. For me, this is actually a good thing since I can sleep longer to ease up the tiredness that I experienced upon coming back from playing futsal yesterday night (Friday night). To my teammates: I'm back... Fais Torres is back in action...

Knowing that there are no plans for today, I decided to continue my sleep to get that extra rest that I needed. After around an hour, I woke up. And this time, I was no longer tired as I got all the sleep that I needed for the day. Hit the shower and went down to have my lunch. Had the usual meal like rice, fried fish, chicken curry, fried long beans and a cup of Nescafe as my source to quench my thirst (but actually to prevent me from falling back to sleep). God I need to kick out this habit of constantly consuming caffeine every now and then.

My stomach had now been stretched to the maximum extend that it can stand. Feeling full, which is one of the main ingredient to ignite the laziness syndrome, I am now officially stucked in front of the tv. Switched on the television and lied down. As I was getting bored with the tv as it was showing stupid programmes, I took the newspaper that was placed on top of the coffee table and read it.

As the day gave way to the night, I went up and got ready to go out. It was already planned yesterday that I would go out with my friend, Mayriana, tonight. Picked her up and went to SS15. I forgot the name of the restaurant but the Roti Naan and Tandoori Chicken was good. Not to say delicious but it deserve at least a simple credit. We chit chatted for nearly 2 and a half hours regarding various topics from our life experiences to aaauuufff aaauuufff (to those who know what it means). We had a good time laughing our hearts out. I would like to express my gratitude to Mayriana for 'belanjaing' me for the meal. Yeah! Barulah ex-classmate macam tue.... Haha....

In the end, it was time to hit back home. Sent her back to her house and after that I went back home...


Note: Lady Gaga - Just Dance.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Fun Fun...

From Ainne's tag in her blog:

The Rules

1. Put your music player on with all your music, then shuffle.
2. Press forward for each question.
3. Use the song title as the answer to the question even if it doesn’t make sense. NO CHEATING!
4. With the answers, give your own comments on how it relates to the questions.


1. How are you feeling today ?
Song : Kevin Rudolf Feat. Lil' Wayne - Let It Rock
Me: I am in fact feeling great because tonight I'll be doing things that I like.

2. Will you get far in life ?
Song : Flo-Rida Feat. Will.I.Am and Fergie - In The Ayer
Me : This song suggests that I will go higher... So yes I guess...

3. How do your friends see you ?
Song : Bunkface - Highschool Rocker
Me : 100 percent correct. They do see me as a highschool kid who loves rock music.

4. Will you get married ?
Song : Lady Sovereign - Love Me or Hate Me
Me : Yeap.
If you love me then, thank you! If you hate me then, fuck you!

5. What is your best friend’s theme song ?
Song : Bodyrox Feat. Luciana - What Planet You On
Me : Maybe my best friend is on another planet.

6. What is the story of your life ?
Song : Bunkface - Bunk Anthem
Me : If you people don't know this song, its cheerful and energetic. So I guess my life story will be cheerful and energetic.

7. What was high school like ?
Song : Good Charlotte - The Anthem
Me : Yeah. I was kind of a rebellious kid when I was in high school. Listen and read the lyrics of this song than you'll understand what I'm saying.

8. How can you get ahead in life ?
Song : Bunkface - Silly Lilly
Me : If I keep on being silly, I guess I will not. I'm working hard on fixing this. Yes I am.

9. What is the best thing about your friends ?
Song : Avril Lavigne - The Best Damn Thing
Me : Yes. They're the best damn thing. It's they themselves in my point of view which is the best thing about them.

10. What is in store for this weekend ?
Song : DJ Dean - Protect Your Ears
Me : I can hear loud noise coming from large tv screens. Watching football at the mamak restaurant as usual.

11. To describe your grandparents ?
Song : Ace of Base - Beautiful Life
Me : They're simply... Beautiful together...

12. How is your life going ?
Song : David Guetta - Love Is Gone (Joachim Garraud Remix)
Me : Yes, the love had in fact, gone.

13. What song will they play at your funeral ?
Song : Fireflight - Unbreakable
Me : Playing this song at my funeral will stress out the point that each time I was beaten down, I got up, and got stronger.

14. How does the world see you ?
Song : Britney Spears - Womanizer
Me : No Comment.

15. Will you have a happy life ?
Song: We The Kings -Check Yes Juliet
Me : Hell yes.

16. What do your friends really think of you ?
Song : Mc Hammer - You Can't Touch This
Me : I'm untouchable. Haha.

17. Do people secretly lust after you ?
Song : Desree - Oh Life
Me : Well, it's life. You can't stop the way people think and talk about you.

18. How can I make myself happy ?
Song : Good Charlotte - Hold On
Me : Yes, by holding on to what I believe in life.

19. What should you do with your life ?
Song : Britney Spears - Circus
Me : Imagining it as a circus. You only live once so enjoy it. Kick the hell out of life.

20. Will you ever have children?
Song: Drowning Pool - Bodies
Me : Let the bodies hit floor. (Yes)


Note: Radiohead - Nice Dream.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Value of Friendships.

My blurry eyes glanced briefly towards the clock and it was 12.30pm. As I can't believe that I am actually awake at this time, I re-check the clock and this time, its confirmed. It was in deed showing 12.30pm. Immediately upon waking up, I checked my forever downloading computer and to my joy, all the 3 latest tv series that I downloaded 2 days ago had at last finished.

Although this was a rare scene, but I saw Aizu online in my Yahoo Messenger. Not believing my eyes which on a number of occasions, managed to deceive me into believing something that wasn't there. But this time, it didn't and in deed Aizu was online. Maybe he was aaauuufff aaauuufffing. I buzzed him and he replied. I asked him what's the plan today and the reply that I got was simple and direct to the point, fifa 2009.

Went to his house with my friend Syamsul on board. Played that bloody game like there's no tomorrow. And at last today, I got my revenge for yesterday night's misery. Won all of my games. After a while, we got bored and went to Makbul. It was just us 3 but later, another 3 of our friends joined and from just a minor low-level voice discussion, it had turned into a massive crowd-attraction forum. Maybe due to me contributing my voice by laughing my hearts out.

In this particular discussion, Aizu said something that shocked not only me but the rest of the group too. We were talking about love related matters such as relationships and stuffs. And suddenly out of the blue, Aizu said this loud and clear (Aizu asked me to put this in my blog):

"Yang mane datang... datang... Yang mane belah... belah..." Referring to all the girls who revolves around him... For me personally, this statement is... Otai... Pure Otai...

The way I look at this statement is somewhat true. If we really think hard and be honest to ourselves, I'm sure you will in the end do agree with me. The way I see it is neglecting friends is one of the most taboo thing in this world. Why? Some of you might ask. This is because friends doesn't judge you by the cover (looks), they don't care about the clothes you're wearing, they don't care what car you drive (be it big or small), they'll be there each time you have trouble like car breakdown, broken leg or etc, they don't care about your bling-blings (handphones, I-pods, or any other gadgets), they'll get into trouble themselves just to ensure that they're there to help you to get out of any deep shit that you're in and many more.

Never ever, neglect your friends, the one who had been there through stick and stones for you....

Continuing from my day today, after that discussion, I went back home, took my shower and had my dinner.


Note: David Bowie - Queen Bitch.


If I can describe yesterday in a single word, it would definitely be fun. Not in a jumping around or running here and there fun, but just pure fun. The entire day was about hanging out with good friends and chatting around in our favourite mamak stall.

The day started off with me waking up at 1.30pm. As I promised to pick my friends at 2pm, I had to enter the overdrive mode. Took the shower very fast and got ready. Got out of the house in the fast-walking mode towards the car and hit the road. Picked up Aizu, Yam and Syamsul at their designated houses. Immediately after that, we were on our way. The destination was Sunway Pyramid because I know that going out of Subang Jaya would be stupid since there's a nearby cinema for our convenience, so why should we result to cinemas elsewhere. Except, during the weekends when this is the time that I usually want to go places other than the ones that we have here in Subang Jaya.

Movie chosen was They Wait which is a ghost story. For no apparent reason, we've came to a decision to watch this one. This is one hell of ghost story. Its damn scary and to make it worst, this particular ghost in this movie doesn't know how to say the word hello. She would appear wherever or whenever she likes. And each time that happens, I'll be looking like I've been given the electric shot treatment. But all in all, it's a good movie. Thumbs up for this one.

As usual, after any activity, be whatever that is, we will go to Makbul. The mamak place which we love to go. Had our more like pre-dinner and chatted for a while. After a while, the rain started pouring down. At first it was just drizzling but then, waterfall. Trying to avoid of getting wet in which I failed miserably, I rushed to the car. Placed the car near the restaurant's walkaway to save my friends the humiliation of running to the car and we hit the road. Sent my friends home and upon reaching my house, I hit the shower to avoid from contracting a fever.

As planned, I went to Aizu's house and battle it out, Fifa 2009. My performance yesterday night was catastrophically idiotic. I didn't even manage to win one single game. Crushed to the ground. After a few games, Yam invited us to her house to play monopoly and as I promised, she's the first one to be announced as bankrupt. We did bet that the next time we play monopoly, she'll be the one first to get the boot. As it was getting late, I hit back home and watch some movies. Fell asleep in front of the television for 2 hours and continued my sleep in my room. Woke up at 12pm today.

Fun Fact: If you want to know what are the words that came out of my mouth while I was playing the Fifa 2009 game yesterday night, check out Aizu's blog. The XXX is me.


Note: They Wait.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Welcome Mr. Obama... Bye Bye Mr. Fucking Retarded Bush...

The 44th President of the United States: Mr. Barack Obama.

First and foremost, I would like to congratulate Mr. Obama on his inauguration to become the next president of the United States. A brilliant man who had stolen the hearts of the American people. This is the man who I think will bring light not only to his country but also the world. A man with visions that we can put our faith on.

The journey that he took to reach where he is now was not only amazing but also fantastic. An honest man with nothing to hide with a pure intention which is to lead his country and the world to a better future. His presidency campaign was tremendous. Credit goes to the person who ran Mr. Obama's presidency campaign which had brought him the support he needed to bring change to the White House. Congratulations.

The approach and method he used to capture the Americans heart was brilliant and for me personally, godlike. The amount spent for campaigning in the last election by both candidates, McCain and Obama, was the largest in the country's history. Obama's marketing strategy was properly formulated so that it could reach every corner of the country. Internet, Television Advertisements, Radio Commercials, Text Messages, Handouts and etc was some of the methods used by his campaign staff.

Unlucky for him though, he is about to inherit various burdens that was left by Mr. Bush Shit. Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the worst financial crisis ever, too much dependency on oil, and the high unemployment rate in America. These are all the things that he will have to work really hard to formulate the suitable course of action to be taken in order to resolve these issues. Thanks to who? Yes, Mr. Bush Shit.

The policies that he promised to implement when he was running for president, for me personally, was more internally rather than externally. He focused on the key issues that was troubling the American people. Some of the policies that he promised (from what I managed to gathered from watching his debates with McCain) was to create a better health care system, revamp the education system (better pay for teachers), loosen the insurance policies on claims, exploring and researching on renewable energy source, creating more jobs for the Americans, and finally, to cut taxes for the lower income classes.

The policies above is undoubtedly good for United States but Mr. Obama's policies on the external issues weren't so clear. Although he did stressed on the importance of negotiations with nations such as Iran and North Korea but I still believe that he still need to elaborate more on what kind of negotiations that he planned to implement with these countries. How will he ensure the ties between United States with Iran, North Korea, Russia, and some of the Islamic country can be improved? What are the measures that should be taken in order to bring these parties to the negotiation table? How to end the Israel-Palestine conflict once and for all?

Yes, his views on these issues might be vague but I believe, he is the right person to tackle all of the issues mentioned. Although its a big tasks, I am confident that Obama is a man that delivers what he promised. His committee in the White House consists of various ages, genders, and races that will ensure smooth governing of the United States.

Give him time and he will deliver...

Here's for you Mr. Obama...



Note: Wake Up Liverpool... Wake Up...

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Volvo SC90 Concept.

Volvo SC90 Concept... Breathtaking car... I do hope it will go into production in the future...


Note: Volvo at its best... Producing the best cars in the world...

The English Premier League.

The English Premier League (EPL). It is one of the most famous league in the world with almost all of the clubs competing in this competition are known throughout the entire world. For every club in the lower leagues in England, the EPL is like the top priority at all time because of the glamors that it represents. The best example for this is to look at the current season. Teams such as Hull City and Stoke City. Before this, unless you somehow have the urge to check on the Championship League 1 (One level lower than the EPL), I don't think you have even heard of this two clubs but thanks to the EPL, they're now known throughout the entire world. Doesn't necessarily have to be a fan of both of this clubs but recognizing their existence is more than they can ask for.

Now, lets talk about the big 4. Yes, the typical big 4 in which almost every season the top 4 standings will be occupied by these teams. For those of you who had already known the names of these clubs, good but as for those who don't, here are the names of those clubs. Arsenal, Manchester United, Chelsea and Liverpool. The usual suspects to bag the EPL trophy. Apart from my pathethic club, Liverpool, the other 3 teams had been exchanging the title credentials between them for years. Catastrophically stupid, the last time Liverpool had won the EPL was in 1990. So it has been 18 freaking years but to my relief, we won the Champions League on quite a few occasions.

I would like brag about the trend that I manage to analyze of the EPL in the last 2 to 3 seasons. During the starting of the season, teams that people didn't expect to be on top, was on top. Teams such as Manchester City, Hull City, Aston Villa, and Blackburn did themselves a superb job to be at the helm of the league. But as usual, every single season, one of the big 4 will in the end grab the top spot. And here comes the thing that I'm quite not satisfied with. Manchester United. The Red Devils. This is one team that for me personally the most famous club in the entire world. Their fans are scattered in every parts of the planet. Just name the country, they have their fans there.

This club will usually start badly. They will be in the lower half of the league and sometimes, even in the relegation spot. But then, after the second half of these seasons kicks off, they will start to win games constantly. They'll win between 8-10 matches in a row and eventually, they'll win the league. Yes, this is the case every season. In a few cases, they didn't win the cup, but they gave the league leader one hell of a fight till the end of the season. I've been stressing out this point to my friends during the starting of the season and I was definitely right. Manchester United is currently on top of the league BUT its not over yet. I still believe the other clubs especially Liverpool, can overturn this and win the EPL title.


Note: Top Gear.

Give me a... B,U,N,K,F,A,C,E now... Welcome to the BUTTERFINGERS show... Woo... ooo...

The day started off quite amazingly since I was able to wake up before the alarm rang. Usually the alarm is my life line when it comes to waking me up. I suspect this is due to the fact that I was really looking forward for today. Took my shower and dressed up accordingly. The rules stated in the event website's stressed clearly to people who will be attending the show to dress themselves according to the rules stated by Istana Budaya. I chose to wear a gray formal shirt, fold up the sleeves until it reaches my elbow, a light blue jeans and my all time favourite white shoe.

Known for being careless when I'm in a good mood, I accidentally kicked the door and I screamed my heart out, in pain. Luckily nothing serious occurred just a reddish foot. As planned, I was the driver for the day. Hit the road and picked up Afzar at his house. Next, went to picked Aizu at his house. Afraid of being late, I checked my watch and it was showing 1pm. The show starts at 2.30pm. In relief, I said to myself we still have 1 and a half hour to reach Istana Budaya. Avoided the Federal Highway as I know that on Saturday, especially during the lunch time, the Federal Highway is like a massive showroom of cars fully packed with people looking forward to enjoy their time in Kuala Lumpur or whatever the place they may be heading.

Instead, we took the PLUS highway, the one which I usually use to get to One Utama Shopping Complex. Thank god Aizu brought his Smart Tag since my Touch n Go card was kind of fucked. If I'm not mistaken, the balance of my Touch n Go card should be around RM 1.80. Planned to reload the card but as usual, procrastination took control and until today, my mission to put some money into the card goes down the drain. Our enthusiasm (Me and Afzar that is since Aizu is not that into Bunkface. I love punk music anyway so its ockay for me to be a fan of this band) was very very high. As a result, we sang Bunkface's songs played on my stereo and since I inserted the whole album into my Mp3 player, we have various choices of songs from Bunkface to listen to. I was headbanging while driving, jumping in the sitted position.

After around an hour of driving, we reached Istana Budaya. Parked the car and hang around in the cafe while waiting for the entrance door to open. 15 minutes had gone by and it was time to go in. Went into the designated hall (more like a big room since it was not that big) and sitted ourselves on the first row but not in front, but at the side. As long as its the first row, I don't quite mind. Waited for about 15 minutes and Bunkface appeared on the stage as the guess band. They played 4 songs (Fine, Bunk Anthem, I forgot what song, and Situasi).

After playing those 4 songs mentioned, Bunkface stepped down from the stage and the room was going crazy. Not in the sense of jumping around or anything, but I can see on their faces, the eagerness to see Butterfingers playing right in front of them was far beyond any words can describe. And as for me, I was already playing some of the band's songs in my head. Too enthusiastic I guess. I am known to be hyper when I'm happy. At last, the much awaited band appeared and applauds can be heard coming from every corner of the room. I myself was clapping so hard until both of my palms turned red when I stopped clapping.

They played around 14 to 16 songs from their first three albums if I was not mistaken. For me personally, they were far beyond good, far beyond fantastic, far beyond tremendous, far beyond any words can portray. They were simply, if I can put it in one word, legendary. One of the song that they played was Girl Friday and hearing to this song reminds me of my high school days. I can still remember buying their albums, jumping around in my room listening to their music while dressing up myself for school and head banging my head each time I heard their songs aired on the radio. This song and a song titled The Chemistry, made me thinking of the good old days. Going to school just to chat with my friends, holding the Add. Math text book just to look cool although I never once managed to score double digits (highest was 8/100) for this paper apart from SPM in which only God knows how did I managed to passed this damn subject and skipping tuition classes to hang out at Ramayah, a mamak stall located near to the tuition centre. My one and only tuition centre for my high school years, Tuition Kancil.

In the end, time was not on either the band or the people attended side, the show had reached the end. I came out satisfied and looking forward to more of their shows in the future. Maybe not this time around though since the band is temporarily breaking up. Each of them are going back to their everyday life in Canada (Emmet) and Boston (Loque). As for the other two, I don't have any information on them.

They're simply the best and they brought us 12 years of great singles and albums. They're simply LEGENDARY...

Owh, not forgetting the deal that I've made with Aizu to post this in my blog. Here are some of the comments or more like 'ARAHAN/ORDERS' from him (Aizu) while I was driving to Istana Budaya and back to Subang Jaya....








This is for you Aizu... Lain kali, bile aku naik kete kaw, siap!


Note: Liverpool FC (You'll Never Walk Alone).

Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Classic Owner Manager Disagreements.

Every football club has its own manager to handle various matters but the most important one is, the performance of the club. A manager in a football club is like the punching bag for the club's performance. If the club is successful, the manager will be credited but on the other hand, if the club goes down the drain, the manager will get all the beating. Be it from the fans, the pundits and even the club owners. He will be labeled as brilliant when the club prosper and keep on winning 5 to 6 games in a row but once the performance drop, who'll get the bashing? You've guessed it, the manager.

I do agree with the fact that the manager is the one to be blamed if the club fails to attain its maximum potential but not all the time. If he made the wrong decisions, used the wrong tactics or bought the wrong players, that's understandable but what if the players themselves did not performed well? Should the manager be blamed for that? For me personally, that's plain bullshit. You can have the best manager running the club but if the players themselves failed to play at their optimum level, the club will go nowhere. Throughout these past seasons, I admit there were some right decisions made to axe particular managers but apart from that, I can only see one thing, greed.

This is the classic case where the owner and the manager are not in the same point of view. The owner wants this and that but on the other hand, the manager have his own ideas. What will happen when this occur? The manager will in the end be the one sacrificed because the owner means well, the owner. He/They can do whatever the hell they want. Look at the the current situation in Liverpool FC. The manager is for me, a brilliant man. He brought in the suitable players into the club. Not to say the best, but the suitable ones which can adapt to the club's playing style. Just look at Riera, Lucas and El Zhar. These are all brilliant players in which before they came to this club, I can guarantee that nobody had even heard of them.

Owh yes, the current situation in Liverpool FC. The manager rejected a new contract offered by the owners of the club because he wanted more control over the football matters of the club but the owners, like I said, have their own ideas. Personally I think the owner should leave the football matters like buying and selling players to the manager. What the owners have to do is just plain simple. Provide the funding needed. Since you're the owner anyway so do your job and shut your mouth. Trust me when I say if they failed to retain Benitez, a lot of the ever so loyal fans like me will be disappointed. Deeply disappointed.

Yes I know the fact that Liverpool is currently not performing very well. And yes I know our strikers are not hitting the net but instead of mocking our beloved Liverpool, we should on the other hand unite and give our full support behind our club. Although this may sound far fetched, but I do believe we can win the league this season. Yes people, we can.


Note: Aaauuufff Aaauuufff Aaauuufff.


Damn. Yes, that's the word suitable for this as the day started off badly. I woke up at 1.15pm. Usually that would be normal on any other day but this is Friday and what does Friday means for the muslim men? Friday prayers. Upon waking up, immediately hit the shower and dressed up for mosque. Went to mosque using the F1 style of driving. Parked my car using not the double park style, but triple park style. Yes, triple park. The next car to the car parked beside another car by the road side.

After that, sent my house's radio for repair. Both players, the CD and the cassette player are fucked. Maybe due to rust or something. Next destination, yes the third day in a row, Aizu's house. And at last, today, revenge. Although i did lost a few matches but I did won around 3 matches. There's this match between Germany (Me, since I am die heart Germany fan) and France (Aizu's stupid team), I won it by 7-5. A thrilled 12 goal match.

Upon finishing, we went to the usual hang out spot (mamak) and have a drink. Met our friend Syazwan and Yum. Then, went back home and showered. Currently, my head feels like its going to explode and my cough is giving me a hard time talking. Damn it.


Note: Aaauuufff Aaauuufff Aaauuufff.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Butterfingers @ Istana Budaya.

Come and see... Don't miss it...

Saturday (17/01/09)

1996 - 2001 Unplugged

With guest band Bunkface

2:30pm - 4:00pm

RM 35 per entry

Saturday (17/01/09)

Mari Hidup Kembali (Sessi Gitar Kapok)

Dengan band jemputan Hujan

8:30pm - 10:00pm

RM 35 per entry

Sunday (18/01/09)

Transcendence 10-year Anniversary Rock Out

2:30pm - 4:00pm

RM 35 per entry

Sunday (18/01/09)

Mari Hidup Kembali (Sessi Gitar Karan)

8:30pm - 10:00pm

RM 35 per entry

Special package price of RM 120 for all four shows

I'm going for tomorrow's session... Come Come...


Note: Aaauuufff Aaauuufff Aaauuufff.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


What can I conclude from my day today? Normal. Woke up at around 9am and quickly hit the shower. Got ready and went out with my mother. Went to One Utama to buy a few things for her usage and also some groceries. I bought myself two packets of Strepsils to calm my cough down. I was coughing like my throat was about to burst out. Thank god those sweets worked.

Afterwards, went to Giant in USJ 1 to buy some groceries for the house like rice, eggs, vegetables, fish, chicken and etc. Got what we needed and went back home. Took shower again as the day was damn hot and I was sweating like nobody's business and this time the destination was Aizu's house. Purpose? Fifa 2009. Revenge for yesterday's humiliation was my main aim but to my disappointment, I got fucked. My performance today was catastrophically worst than yesterday. Beaten like sambal belacan.

After that, we went to have a drink with our friend Yum. Chatted about everything from aaauuufff aaauuufff (to those who know what this means), sports, jobs, politics and etc. As the discussion was getting more and more exciting, the rain poured down. Luckily we sat ourselves inside the restaurant. After about an hour, hit back home. Had dinner and glued myself in front of the television watching the food channel. One of my favourite channels apart from Star Sports, ESPN, AXN, Discovery Channel and National Geographic.


Note: Aaaauuufff Aaauuufff Aaauuufff.

Highschool Rocker.

Now, some of you might wonder about the title of this particular post. Highschool Rocker? It's a song by our very own local band named Bunkface. What in the world is this stupid guy talking about you might ask? Well people, I'm going to talk about our growing music industry. Not in the sense of the mainstream music since the mainstream music will always have the upper hand compared to the underground music scene.

Let me start off by describing the previous state of our local music industry. Personally, I think after independence, our preference had always been towards the ones already 'made it' into the limelight. I'm not saying that it's bad because as long as the music industry keeps on growing, more and more new talents will shine. But we tend to ignore or don't give a damn about the ones who's trying hard to let themselves known through the hard way which is the do it yourself way. Making music out of their own pocket and marketing it themselves just for the sake of letting themselves known in the music industry.

We usually would prefer the ones which is being aired in various television stations, radios, featured in magazines and etc. The best example for this would be all of the Indonesian bands. Their existence in our music industry is strong because almost all of their bands, be whatever names they decided to name themselves, will eventually have their songs aired in our local radios and televisions.

I can still remember during my time in high school, bands such as Nakedbreed and Damn Dirty Apes was gaining popularity. I even went to a few of their concerts for god sake and they sounded great. For me personally, this is the starting point of our music revolution. Slowly people are accepting the existence of our very own local grown bands. Youngsters are now harder to be brainwashed or convinced to accept the mainstream songs and artists.

Thanks to years of constant exposure of our very own local bands, nowadays, more and more local bands are gaining public attention. Hence, creating their very own fan base.


Note: KoRn - Make Me Bad.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


My day started with the alarm ringing at 11.30am. Hesitated to wake up but as I had already planned to do some stuffs today, I forced myself to open up my eyes wide open. Quickly went into the bathroom and washed my face to prevent myself from falling asleep. Took my shower and got ready. Get out of the house and first destination, the tailor. Fetched my slacks trousers that I sent yesterday. Alteration was needed as the slacks was too long and it would wipe the floor clean if I didn't alter it. Forgot to mention that this is for my office attire. Preparation for the coming 9 to 5. Bought a few formal shirts and slacks yesterday.

Next destination was Aizu's house. Picked him up and our friend Yum and hit the road to Shah Alam to get the tickets for this Saturday's Butterfingers and Bunkface show in Istana Budaya. Afraid of getting lost, I called the agency selling the tickets to inquire their location and the lady informed me that they were located in the Plaza Alam Sentral, Shah Alam. I wasn't able to recall of the location but thank god Yum knew the exact place. Reached the place around 1.30pm and bought 3 tickets for me, Aizu and Afzar.

Next, Sunway Pyramid. Assigned by my mother to buy a few things for her. Once we reached the place, our stomachs showed its ability to dictate our movements. Went to Wendy's and had our lunch. After that, bought the things ordered and hit the road. Next destination, Summit, to check on Aizu's Xbox 360 console to see whether it was ready to be retrieved since he sent it there last month because of some problems. And joy lighten up our faces as the shop assistant informed us that it was in fact ready. Immediately after that we dropped off Yum and went to Aizu's house to settle some unfinished business. Yes, Fifa 2009. Won the first game but lost the next 3 after that. Tomorrow, revenge.

Feeling tired, I went back home and had my dinner. Took my cough medication and it was so strong that I almost fell asleep.

That's how my day went. Good friends that brighten up my day.


Note: 50 Cent - Get Up.

Just For Laughs.

From Ainne's tag in her blog...

Instructions. Answer the questions below and put your answers into the numbers below.

Dear (the last person who text messaged you),I don't really know how to tell you this, but (1). I think I realized it (2) (3) and I saw you (4) (5). I'm sure you're (6) enough to understand (7). I'm returning (8) to you, but I'll keep (9) as a memory. You should also know that I (10) (11).
(12), (Your name)


Blue - Our romance is over
Red - Our affair is over
White - I'll join the monastery
Black - I dislike you
Green - Our horoscope doesn't match
Grey - You're a pervert
Yellow - I'm selling myself
Pink - Your nostrils are insulting
Brown - The mafia wants you
No shirt - You're a loser
Other - I'm in love with your sister

January - That night
February - Last year
March - When your dwarf bit me
April - When I tripped on sesame seeds
May - First of May
June - When you put cuffs on me
July - When I threw up
August - When I saw the shrunken head
September - When we skinny dipped
October - When I quoted Santa
November - When your dog ran amok
December - When I changed tennis shoes

Tacos - In your apartment
Pizza - In your camping car
Pasta - Outside of Chicago
Hamburgers - Under the bus
Salad - As you ate enchilada
Chicken - In your closet
Kebabs - With Paris Hilton
Fish - In woman's clothing
Sandwiches - At the Hare Krishna graduation
Lasagna - At the mental hospital
Hot dog - Under a state of trance
None of the above - With George Bush and his wife

Yellow - Hit on
Red - Insult
Black - Ignore
Blue - Knock out
Purple - Pour syrup on
White - Carve your initials into
Grey - Pull the clothes off
Brown - Put leeches on
Orange - Castrate
Pink - Pull the toupee off
Barefoot- Sit on
Other - Drive out

White - My father
Grey - Bill Clinton
Black- My best friend
Brown - My fart balloon
Purple - My mustard soufflé
Red - Donald Duck
Blue - My avocado plant
Yellow - My pen-pal in Ghana
Orange - My Kid Rock-collection
Pink - Manchester United's goalkeeper
None - My John F. Kennedy statue
Other - The crazy monk

Scrubs - Man
O.C. - Emotional
One Tree Hill - Open
Heroes - Frostbitten
Lost- High
House - Scarred
Simpsons - Cowardly
The news - Mongolic Idol - Masochistic
Family Guy - Senile
Top Model - Middle-class
None of the above - Ashamed

Happy - How awful I've felt
Sad - How boring you are
Bored - That Santa Doesn't Exist
Angry - That your pimples are at the last stage
Depressed - That we're cousins
Excited - That there is no solution to this.
Nervous - The middle-east
Worried - That your Honda sucks
Apathetic - That I did a sex-change
Ashamed - That I'm allergic to your hamster
Cuddly - That I get turned on by garbage men
Overjoyed - That I'm open
Other - That Extreme Home Makeover sucks

Yellow - Your love letters
White - Your ring
Red - Your Darth Vader-poster
Black - Your tame stone
Blue - The couch cushions
Green - The pictures from LA
Orange - Your false teeth
Brown - Your contact book
Grey - Our matching snoopy-bibs
Purple - Your old lottery coupons
Pink - The cut toenails
Other - Your memories from the military service

A/B - Your photo
C/D - The oil stocks
E/F - Your neighbor Martin
G/H - My virginity
I/J - The results of your blood-sample
K/L - Your best friend
M/N - Your suicide note
O/P - My common sense
Q/R - Your mom
S/T - Your collection of butterflies
U/V - Your criminal record
W/X - David's tricot outfits
Y/Z - Your grades from college

A/B - Always will remember
C/D - Never will forget
E/F - Always wanted to break
G/H - Never openly mocked
I/J - Always have felt dirty before
K/L - Will tell the authorities about
M/N - Told in my confession today about
O/P - Was interviewed by the Times about
Q/R - Told my psychiatrist about
S/T - Get sick when I think of
U/V - Always will try to forget
W/X - Am better off without
Y/Z - Never liked

Water- Our friendship
Beer - Senility
Soft drink - A new life as a clone
Soda- The incarnation as an Eskimo
Milk - The apartment building
Wine - Cocaine abuse
Cider - A passionate interest for mice
Juice - Oprah Winfrey imitations
Mineral water - Embarrassing rash
Hot chocolate - Eggplant-fetishism
Whiskey - To ruin the second world war
Other - To hate the Boston Celtics

Thailand - Warm regards
USA - Best regards
England - Good luck on your short-term leave from jail
Spain - Go and drown yourself
China - Disgusting regards
Germany - With ease(Japan, BITCH!)
Greece - Your everlasting enemy
Australia - Greetings to your frog Leonard
Egypt - Boo-hoo now
France - In pain
Other - Greetings to your freaky family

Dear Ainne, I don't really know how to tell you this, but I'll join the monastery. I think I realized it when we skinny dipped under the bus and I saw you carve your initials into my best friend. I'm sure you're senile enough to understand how awful I've felt. I'm returning your false teeth to you, but I'll keep your neighbor Martin as a memory. You should also know that I told in my confession today about a new life as a clone.

With ease, Fais.

I tag: Aizu, Hafeez, and Ajat.

Note: Bunkface - Highschool Rocker

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Moon. (Don't Take It For Granted)

Important: I forgot the name of that particular asteroid which hits (hantam) the earth to create the moon so I will call it 'the asteroid'...

For some strange reasons, I decided to talk about the moon. Yes, the moon. This is because I saw this program on National Geographic that explain in detailed about the moon. I'm a fan of the astronomy studies which touches everything related to space such as planets, stars, galaxies, comets, asteroids and etc. I'm definitely sure that if I had my way and had opportunity struck, I would have ventured into astronomy. But I'm satisfied with business management and economics. My other favorite field.

Let's start with how did the moon formed. The program highlighted that the moon was actually created from our very own soil, the Earth. About 4 to 5 billion years ago, when the earth was still in its premature state, something like an infant stage, a large comet/asteroid sized between 20 to 30 miles in diameter (bigger than the one which landed in Mexico that destroyed the Dinosaurs) hit the earth. This had caused some of the rocks on our very own planet to bounced and flew towards the sky. The impact was so strong that these rocks rocketed beyond the Earth's atmosphere. After a few thousand years, all of those rocks accumulated and formed something like a dwarf planet. I forgot how these rocks managed to stick together. Maybe due to the Earth's gravity.

Here are the two main effect from the creation of the moon on our beloved planet Earth:

1) 4 Seasons

If it wasn't for the asteroid, the one that hit the earth to form the moon, we wouldn't have 4 seasons each year. For the one in the upper and lower atmosphere that is. As for the countries located on the Equator line, we only experience either hot or rain. As simple as that. So, the asteroid hit the earth and the impact was beyond our imagination. It's like 1000 nuclear explosions. Imagine that. As a result of this, the earth skewed a little and this had caused the earth to have 4 seasons.

2) 24 Hours A Day

Ever wonder how did we have 24 hours in one day. It's again because of that particular asteroid that created the moon. How? The collision between the asteroid and earth was so great until the earth rotation was slowed tremendously from its previous state. Before this collision, the earth was spinning so fast, that we would only have 6 hours per day. Yes, 6 hours.

Although it is still debatable, the moon can somehow cause earthquakes and tsunamis. How? The moon's gravity. The moon is constantly orbiting our planet since its creation and at certain point of time, the moon will be so close to earth that its gravity can somehow effect the earth's continental plate and cause earthquakes. The show featured this guy who had been studying this particular matter for about 20 years now and almost half of his predictions came true. Like the earthquake in San Francisco in the 1990's, the 2004 Tsunami and the I forgot what year earthquake in Ecuador. His predictions were made based on the moon's gravity grip towards the earth.

Moon closest to earth: Perigee

Moon furthest to earth: Apogee

And owh, when the moon was still in its early stage, it was quite near to Earth. I forgot how many thousand miles but if we were to look at the night sky at that time, the size of the moon would look around 4 to 6 times larger than the one we have now. Every year, the moon will distance itself from earth. I forgot how many inches or meters per year. Damn. Forgetful me.

In about 4 to 5 billion years from now, the moon will in the end break away from its orbit and won't be circling the earth anymore. What will happen to earth then? End of the world for civilizations. Why? The earth will be spinning out of control because the gravity of the moon in which it had been constantly balancing the rotation of the earth to ensure that it stays on the correct path will no longer exist. The result? The earth would be like a ball being kicked around on a football field. North will be east, east will be south and etc.

There are a lot more featured in that particular program but as usual, being me, I can't manage to recall the others apart from what I have written here... Forgetful forgetful (Ditarik balik sebab kene ban from saying forgetful or nyanyok) me... Damn it...


Note: Bunkface - Highschool Rocker.

Monday, January 12, 2009

A Lazy Day. Brilliant English Premier League (EPL) Matches.

Hey people,

Today, I woke up at 6.30pm. Yes, 6.30pm. Slept like there's no tomorrow. I hit the bed at around 4am yesterday after coming back from watching the Man Utd Vs Chelsea match, and woke up around 12pm. Upon waking up, I realized that my head felt like it was beaten very hard with a baseball bat. Headache like crazy. So, I went back to sleep to get that stupid headache off. Continued my sleep until 6.30pm. 14 and a half hours of sleep. After that had my shower and ate my dinner. The usual meals... rice, fried eggs, vegetables, fish curry and etc...

Owh, and my cough. It's been one a half week now and the cough is still there. Inside my body. My cough medication had already entered round two. Even the doctor was amazed and as a result of that, she gave me stronger one. This particular one, once I take it, I'll fell asleep for sure. For a very very long time.

Football time...

Arsenal 1 - Bolton Wonderers 0

This is a hard fought win for Arsenal. Bolton did gave Arsenal a fight but luck weren't on their side. Van Persie had a few chances but he blew all of them. In the end, Bendtner netted the goal for Arsenal thanks to Van Persie's cross.

Aston Villa 2 - West Bromwich Albion 1

Another match that featured a lot of entertainment. Both sides showed their capabilities in scoring but as I predicted, Villa will grab the 3 points in the end. Ashley Young was brilliant during the entire match since he supplied a lot of opportunities and crosses into the Albion's penalty box. Gareth Barry had two tremendous chance to head the ball into the goal but luck was not on his side this time...

Everton 2 - Hull City 0

Hull City is one of the team that I respected the most. Although this is their first season in the top flight, they still managed to avoid the relegation spot. They even stayed at the number 1 spot for a while but as usual, it's not permanent. In this particular match, Fellaini and Arteta was brilliant throughout the entire match and both of them deserved to be on the score sheet. Hull City did create chances such as the shot from Turner which was turned away by the Everton's goalkeeper. Fellaini with a goal which is debatable since he was a little over the Hull's defensive line when he headed the ball into the net. Looks offside to me. And as for Arteta, brilliant shot. Superb and fantastic...

Stoke City 0 - Liverpool 0

Now, what can I say about this one. As you all know, I'm a Liverpool fan so here goes... Stupid, idiotic, bullshit, useless and etc.. I'm not bashing my own team here but let's look at the logic behind my action. Liverpool is on top of the league and here is the chance to further expand the gap from Chelsea and Man Utd since they're going against each other. Grab the 3 points and stay there. But as usual, being Liverpool, draws is our specialty. Draws is not 3 points but 1 point. Which is not enough to keep the other teams at bay. Trust me when I say if Liverpool keeps on drawing like this, our hope of winning the EPL will turn to ashes. We had 66% of the possession for god sake. Torres was dead, Riera and Benayoun missed a few chances to score and Gerrard hit the crossbar in the 85th minute. So maybe it's bad luck. Wake up Liverpool! Wake your ass up!

Manchester United 3 - Chelsea 0

This is one hell of a match. Both sides demonstrated their capabilities in scoring and defending. The two biggest team in EPL apart from Liverpool and Arsenal. The match started with Lampard booked in the 3rd minute. Imagine that early to be booked in this kind of match. Not surprised, 8 yellow cards were given to both sides with 3 on Man Utd players and 5 on Chelseas'.

Shockingly, not even 1 red card were shown. Anelka didn't start as expected since he's not in his top form so Drogba acted as the lone striker having Deco behind him to supply him with opportunities to score. Chelsea was quite dead in this match with Drogba missing a few golden chances to score and I think he's not 100 percent fit yet. And as for Man Utd, as expected, Tevez didn't start. So, Berbatov and Rooney was assigned up front.

There were a few dramas in this match like how Rooney tricked the linesman at the end of the first half when he slowly pushed the ball forward from the corner kick spot and moved away. All of the Chelsea's players didn't realized that the ball was already in play so they didn't payed any attention to it. Giggs came, took the ball and crossed the ball brilliantly for Ronaldo to head it into the net only to learn that the goal was not counted since the linesman had already raises up his flag. I'm sure the linesman said this in his head. (Kurang ajar mamat nie kencing aku...) Corner re-taken and this time, a goal by Vidic who heads the ball home at the far post.

Second half, Man Utd controlled the ball better and forced Chelsea players to make unnecessary tackles in frustration not being able to get the ball. The second goal came with a cheeky backhill pass from Ronaldo to Evra. The ball was crossed with paced into the penalty box and Rooney netted the second home through the legs of I forgot who, Carvalho I think.

The third goal was scored by Berbatov thanks to a 'bullet' speed ball by Ronaldo into the penalty area from a free kick on the left side of Chelsea's goal. As I was concentrating on the replay, I realized that the goal was actually planned. While Ronaldo was preparing himself to take the free kick, Vidic approached Berbatov and whispered something. When the ball was played, Di Santos who was marking Berbatov failed to chase the United striker from hitting the ball as he was blocked by Vidic. Imagine that. Properly planned and brilliantly slotted in.

In the end, Man Utd won it by 3 goals to nil. Chelsea had been giving away goals from crosses since the match where they drew with Fulham 2-2. For me, that's their main weakness and other teams should take advantage of this.

And as for the other matches, I didn't managed to watch it so I can't give any comments on them...


Note: Engkaulah Destinasiku.