Thursday, April 30, 2009

Mind Blasting.

Fuck. It has been quite a while since I updated my blog. Around a week I think. Well, my grandmother was admitted back into the hospital due to some problems with her condition.  I've been travelling back and forth between Subang Jaya and Ampang almost everyday within these past few days. Let's pray that she will improve and leave that 'sick place' once and for all. My mother was dead concern about her, so being a good son, eceh, I accompanied and drove her to the hospital so she won't have to. Make sense huh?

Apart from the above, nothing extravagant occurred within these past few days. Just going on with my plain everyday life. I'm still waiting for the reply from MPSJ since I applied for this post called 'Pegawai Tadbir'. I don't know what the hell people call it in English but I guess Management Officer can be applied here? I have no idea whatsoever. The deadline was last Monday and I expect it will take quite some time for me to get the feedback from them since, well you know, governmental bodies. Unless the head is around to monitor their work, they'll work as if they were on a holiday. Slow and steady.

I have another interesting story to tell here. Although I know this is a stupid one but for me personally, this particular incident was quite hilarious in my point of view. So, the story goes as follow. Last Friday, after finish playing football, I went straight to the Subang Jaya's KTM station to pick my father up since he was lazy to drive to work on that particular day and decided to take the train instead. Unlucky for both of us, the train somehow got stucked somewhere in Lembah Pantai due to the fact that something went wrong with it and the train can't move, yet again. As a result, I had to wait for my father and while I was waiting, I saw this guy sitting down alone, on the roadside, right beside of the drainage system.

It's a normal scene right? To see a person waiting for his/her friends, family or whatever. But this guy was unique. Not in a good way but in an awkward way. He was talking, no no, screaming is the appropriate word, alone. Yes, he was screaming alone. He was saying stuffs like "Mana dia nie?", "Alaaaaa", "Kenape jadi macam nie?" and a lot more. Trust me, a lot was said but these are the ones that I managed to recall from the incident. 

He couldn't be bothered of the public looking at him amazed by his ability to talk alone loudly by the roadside. The guy shouted alone for about 15 minutes. I was watching him from a safe distance realizing that people like this might burst out suddenly, out of nowhere and the people closest to him/her, for sure, will be the target. 

Weird ey? Well, sometimes life can push us to the very limit of our patience and if we're not able to contain it, we might end up doing the same thing as what this guy did.


Note: The Three Days Rule.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Green Day - Know Your Enemy

At last, the video for Green Day - Know Your Enemy is finally out. Their latest single from their upcoming album 21st Century Breakdown. Although I know pretty soon YouTube is going to remove this, let's enjoy it for now.

And yes, I'm a fan of Green Day eversince their very first album Dookie. I have all of their albums but hell I forgot where I placed them. Some are in the cassettes form and some are in CD's.

Note that I was a punk kid before and still are. 

2 Decades of music and they're still kicking asses with their music.


Note: 'Green Day' your heart and soul!

Happy Birthday Aizu.

I hereby would like to wish my dear friend Aizu Happy 24th Birthday.

May Allah bless you with all the greatness in life.


Taken from a verse featured in Green Day - Know Your Enemy:

Silence is the enemy 
Against your urgency 
So rally up the demons of your soul 

Note: I'm allergic to bullshit.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Something To Ponder Upon.

I've recently watched a television series titled Desperate Housewives and yes I know the show is more towards women-related story since well you know, housewives, but for some reasons, I like it. I've just finished watching Season 5 Episode 19. Note that I've been following it since Season 1 Episode 1.

In this particular series, Edie Britt, one of the main characters in the show died because of an accident that occurs as she was driving away, running from her 'crazy' husband, Dave. As she reached a junction, she mis-controlled her car and it hits the nearby lamp post. She died soon after that. 

At the end of this particular series, Edie, temporarily acting as the narrator, said something that hits me hard and made me think about life itself. 

This was what being said:

(Copied from a Google search I've done)

''As I looked down on the world, I began to let go of it,'' she said without a hint of remorse. ''I let go of white picket fences and cars and driveways, coffee cups and vacuum cleaners. I let go of all those things that seemed so ordinary but when you put them together, they make up a life, a life that really was one of a kind. I'll tell you something: It's not hard to die when you know you have lived, and I did. Oh, how I lived.''

Enough about the show and let's get to what I want to talk about here.

The things she mentioned made me realized that life is precious far beyond anything in this world, or even the universe. It is something that we took for granted due to the fact that we didn't appreciate it enough. We rarely thank God Almighty for giving us this opportunity to live and experience life.

We should live our life to the fullest regardless of the barriers that we may face in the near future. Why do we want to look backwards and miss the greater opportunities that lies ahead for us to experience. We only live once and if we don't appreciate it enough, we've missed something that is beyond any explanation, beyond any imagination, beyond any words can describe, and definitely beyond anything else.

Move forward not backward. Don't throw our precious life away by doing stupid and un-beneficial things. That's not what life is all about. Enjoy it. In a good way that is. Go and have fun. Appreciate all the people around us, especially our family and friends.

Do good things towards other people. Show kindness to them and help them if they ever need our help. Be kind to each other because that is what life about, kindness.

And yes, although I'm self-centredself-involved, and selfish, but still, I have a side in which appreciates the people around me and I show it with kindness and good deeds.

I end my post with a simple caption but yet, meaningful.

"A life that really was, one of a kind."

Because that is how I want my life to be known as when I finally leave this world.

One of a kind.


Note: Fernando Torres (9).

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Com.Sj.

Well well, looks like it has been quite a while since I've updated my blog. A lot of reasons contributed to this but the main culprit, is me going out almost everyday and every night. For sure, something will pop up and being myself, I would say hell yeah to any plan as long as it is fun and exciting. Now you people know why I love my friends more than anything in this world apart from my family. Without them, I would diminish and the world would surely devour me instantly.

Last weekend, the Com.Sj, the name of our futsal team in which comprises of me and my friends decided to enter this tournament held in HTO located somewhere in those industrial area of USJ. The result is not something that we could be proud of but who gives a fuck about it. We tried our best and the most important thing is that we enjoyed ourselves. The way I look at it is we got together and play a sport that unites us in almost every aspect of life, football. 

Throughout the competition, we had fun laughing at other people but mostly ourselves, we took pictures in various poses, we screamed our hearts out to our team mates to motivate them to play better and we even showed to people, we are a group of friends that whatever happens, we stick together through the good and the bad times. Now, that's what I call friends.

My utmost appreciation and thank you goes to:

Hazwan. I can still remember him screaming loudly "Kite boley makan team nie!", just to make us realize that we need to buck up and play better if we were to beat the other team. 

Syamsul, who made an effort to register our team into the tournament. He was also the one who wakes each and every one of us just to ensure that we didn't miss any matches that we had to play. Luckily for me, because if it wasn't for his call, I would have slept until the evening. 

Aizu, who came to watch us play although his name was not registered due to the fact that he had plans but at the the last moment, those plans were cancelled.

Nadia, Hazriana, and Farah who attended the tournament and gave us the much needed encouragement to perform better.

The outcome of the tournament mentioned above was like a kick in the head for us. Although it sounds demotivating, we look at the bright side of it. We've analyzed our problems and rectified on what should be done in order for us to be better and improve ourselves in the next coming tournaments. Credits goes to Hazwan who sacrifices himself guarding the goal because if it weren't for him, we would have been crushed to the ground.

Conclusion, I love you guys. 

On other note, the champions league result was kind of expected. Manchester United and Arsenal had no problem progressing into the semi-finals. Barcelona showed that they're in deed a force in Europe when they destroyed Bayern with a score of 5-1 on aggregate. As for Liverpool, well, we've tried our best but Chelsea was the better team and in the end they beat us 7-5 on aggregate. They deserved the win and Liverpool had no one to blame but themselves for allowing Chelsea to get the better of them.

As for the Premier League, Aston Villa is now almost certainly will miss out on the chance of qualifying into the Champions League next season then they only managed to grab a draw in the match against West Ham United. Looks like the fourth spot, the last Champions League spot will surely be Arsenals'. 

The battle for the Premier League crown is still undecided. The advantage goes to Manchester United since they still have a game in hand over Liverpool and Chelsea who is still placed at the second and third place with Liverpool being 1 point behind and Chelsea 4 points behind respectively. The title race is still wide open and the deciding factor will be whether all these teams can maintain winning matches until the end of the season. Dropping points is definitely not an option for these teams.


Note: Green Day - Know Your Enemy.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Aggregate: Porto FC 2 - Manchester United FC 3

For me personally, this match is very much one of the match that I've waited for. This is because no English team had ever win in Porto. The first leg result of 2-2 is a tremendous advantage for Porto to progress into the next stage of the competition. All they need is just a simple draw of either 0-0 or 1-1, thanks to the away rule. Man Utd, the current World Club Champion and the League Cup Champion, knows that they will have an uphill task at Porto.

The starting line up was pretty much their first eleven choices for both teams. Porto featured almost all of their main squad with Hulk leading upfront. As for the Red Devils, apart from Scholes, who was later substituted during the game, who were replaced by Anderson, the other 10 players was very much their usual starting line up. Ferdinand who was had just recovered from injury, was featured to the relieve of United fans.

Porto started off strong with them creating a few dangerous chances. Most of those chances was created outside of United's penalty box but with Ferdinand, Vidic, Evra and O' Shea standing in the way between them and the goal, there's nothing much they can do apart from shooting the ball outside of the box. To everyone's surprise, Ronaldo scored the one and only goal of the match in the 6th minute with a fantastic and out of this world shot far from the goal. The goalkeeper had no chance to save it as the ball was curling into the right corner of his goal. 

The ball was paced so hard that it travelled 100km/h before it hit the net. After this goal, Porto pushed hard to equalize realizing that even with a score of 1-1, they will still qualify into the semi-final stage, according to the away goal rule. United was left defending until the end of the the first half.

Second half, Porto pushed harder for the equalizer with dangerous shots from Hulk and Lopez but Van Der Sar was at his best to save the ball from those shots. Nani was brought in replacing Berbatov and he provided a much needed 'stint' to push forward as United was looking to grab the second goal to seal the game off. Rooney had a few chances but failed to hit the net. 

Porto had one last chance to score the equalizing goal just before the final whistle were blown but the shot was lack of power and Van Der Sar catches the ball with no complications at all. 

In the end, United won the match with a score of 1-0 thanks to a brilliant strucked goal from none other than, the wonder kid, the FIFA World Best Player of the World, Cristiano Ronaldo.

Aggregate: Porto FC 2 - Manchester United FC 3


Note: El Canto Del Loco - Eh Tu.

Aggregate: Liverpool FC 5 - Chelsea FC 7.

The title says it all. This is the final scoreline between two English clubs that were drawn to meet each other in the Quarter-Final of the UEFA Champions League this season. Imagine 12 goals being exchanged between each other in both of the legs played.

Let's start with the first leg. Playing at Anfield, Liverpool was expected to grab the win and bring that advantage to Stamford Bridge to secure their spot in the Semi-Final stage of the game. The match started off pretty well for Liverpool as the players was motivated and enthusiastic inspired by the fans cheering them with Liverpool flags flying all over the stadium. After a few chances, in the end, Torres scored the goal thanks to a brilliant low cross provided by I forgot who. The striker, who's back on form, tucked the ball into the corner of Chelsea's goal and Cech, Chelsea's goalkeeper only managed to look on as the ball went past through the goal line.

At this point of the game, most of us would have thought Liverpool would have scored more goals based on the results that they produced in their last few matches but it failed to materealized. Instead, they were making careless mistakes and gave Chelsea spaces in the penalty box.  This was proven true when Ivanovic scored 2 goals using his head from the corner kicks. And the game was sealed off when Chelsea grabbed their third goal with Drogba sliding in to put the ball into the net from a cross provided my Malouda. The game ended with a score of 3-1 to Chelsea.

Coming into the second leg, Liverpool had an uphill tasks to progress into the next stage. This was due to the fact that they will have to play in Stamford Bridge and in order for them to book their Semi-Final spot, they will need to score at least 3 goals over Chelsea. Before the game, Xabi Alonso was confident that they can achieve that target in Stamford Bridge but it was hard to tell as both teams will go all out in this match.

Aurelio scored the first goal of the match with a brilliant struck free kick and completely fooled Petr Cech. The goalkeeper who thought Aurellio was going to cross the ball into the penalty box was well beaten when the Liverpool defender sent ball hard and low to the corner of the Chelsea's goal and Cech reacted too late in order to save the ball. Leading with a goal to nil, Liverpool knew they needed to keep the performance on in order for them to cut the lead that Chelsea was enjoying from the first leg match played at Anfield.

Xabi Alonso scored Liverpool's second with a brilliant struck penalty thanks to a foul made by Ivanovic on Alonso himself. Ivanovic had his arms all around Alonso and the referee had no choice but to give Liverpool a penalty kick. 28 minute gone and the Reds were already 2 goals up. Both teams goes into the dressing room with a score of Liverpool leading 2 goals to nil.

Second half, Chelsea upped their tempo and with Liverpool pushing hard to grab the third goal, the game was very much intense. Chelsea shocked the travelling team when they were punished for allowing Anelka to run and brought the ball forward who provided a cheeky low and hard cross and with Drogba sliding in and managed to get a little touch on the ball, the ball entered the goal. Reina made a complete fool of himself when he mishandled the ball and pushed the ball into his own goal. It's 2-1 now and 5 minutes after that Alex scored the Chelsea's second goal from a free kick in which he took with tremendous pace and accuracy on the ball. With the score of 2-2, Liverpool needed to score 2 goals if they were to progress according to the away goal rule.

Liverpool was taken aback with that goal but picked themselves up by creating a few chances themselves but failed to score. Lampard scored Chelsea's third goal thanks to a brilliant run by Drogba who crosses the ball past Reina and Lampard had the easiest task of slotting the ball into the empty net. It's 3-2 and Stamford Bridge erupted with screaming fans celebrating Lampard's goal. 

With 10 minutes remaining, Lucas scored with a deflected shot from the outside of the penalty box. With a score of 3-3, it was not enough for the Reds to progress. They still need to score 2 more goals if they were to progress. Riera was brought in replacing Mashcrerano and it proved to be the right decision by Benitez when the player produces a great cross from a superb run on the right side of the field and Kuyt headed the ball in. It's 4-3 now and scoring one more goals means Liverpool will progress on the away goals rule.

As Liverpool were pushing hard to finish the game off, Lampard scored from a pass by Anelka at the edge of the penalty box. With that kind of pace, Reina had no chance whatsoever to save the ball. In the end, the match ended with Chelsea progressing into the next stage with an aggregate score of 7-5.

Final Result: Liverpool FC 5 - Chelsea FC 7.


Note: Liverpool FC (You'll Never Walk Alone).

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Cristiano Ronaldo (Vs. Sunderland) Video.

A video showcasing Ronaldo with his skills, pace, passes, crosses, and shots in the match between Man Utd and Sunderland.



Note: Liverpool FC (You'll Never Walk Alone)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Cristiano Ronaldo (Vs. Porto) Video.

Cristiano Ronaldo in action against Porto in the UEFA Champions League first leg match at Old Trafford.

Current aggregate is Man Utd 2 - Porto 2.



Note: Silverchair - Ana's Song (Open Fire).

Monday, April 13, 2009

Boom Boom Pow.

Looking at the Premier League results last week, I am not surprised to see all of the top 4 or simply known as the Big Four scored maximum 3 points each beating the opponent's they were up against. As expected, the standings on the BPL remains unchanged and Man Utd had re-taken the top spot from Liverpool who only managed to be at the top for nearly an hour, before the Man Utd's game.

Starting with Liverpool yet again, grabbing a win with a big margin of goals over the other team. Playing at Anfield, the team should not face any problems winning the match and the fact proved to be right on. Fernando Torres scored two of the 4 goals and the striker is definitely back on his scoring spree. The first goal was a tremendous effort from the edge of the penalty box, chesting the ball down and volleyed it into the corner of the goal. Blackburn's goalkeeper, Robinson, didn't stand any chance at all to save the ball from hitting the net. The second goal came from a cross into the penalty area and Torres, who jumped the highest headed the ball and Robinson only managed to look on as the ball went past through and entered the goal.

Second half, Blackburn came on stronger and tried hard to at least scored a goal to lessen the margin but it turned out Liverpool's defensive line was as hard as a wall. On the other hand, Liverpool went on to get more goals and the third goal came in the 83rd minute of the game when, Agger, Liverpool's defender, produced a brilliant shot from outside of the box and went straight into the goal. Kuyt was substituted with Ngog who scored the last goal of the match with a header into an empty net. Final score, Liverpool 4 - Blackburn 0.

Manchester United beat Sunderland with a score of 2-1 from such an intense match. Sunderland started off strongly due to the fact they are constantly attacking the Utd's goal. Most of the attack and crosses came from the left side of Utd's goal. As Sunderland was eager to grab the early goal, Utd punished them with a fantastic counter attack and Scholes headed the ball to give Utd the lead from a brilliant by Rooney who played as the winger throughout the entire match.

Sunderland, who was playing in front of their home crowd, scored the equalizer from a goal by Jones who netted the ball with a simple flick in after the failed the put the ball in with his first try. The score was level at 1-1 and both teams look equally strong but after a while, Utd proved yet again why they're the best team in the world when they scored their second goal and also the winning goal thanks to none other than, the wonder kid, Macheda

In my opinion, Macheda is a replacement for Solksjaer who was known by the term of 'Super Sub'. This is because each this he came on, as a substitute player, he'll score at least a goal, almost in every match that he played. Macheda, the next Solksjaer? You tell me.

Chelsea also grabbed the maximum 3 points beating Bolton with a score of 4-3 and Arsenal, who's current form is far beyond any words can describe, came back from a goal down, to beat Wigan 4-1.


Note: Black Eyed Peas - Boom Boom Pow.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Anthem For The Year 2000.

Liverpool FC 1 - Chelsea FC 3

This is the score that for certain destroyed the hopes of Liverpool fans on achieving the European dreams. Playing in Anfield, in which resembles a much needed advantage proved to be a disappointment. Although Chelsea is a strong team, playing at Anfield, Liverpool's strong ground, people expected the Reds to at least securing a draw.

The game started pretty much on the high note for the Benitez's side. Ball possession was tremendous with Alonso and Gerrard at the heart of every attack created on Chelsea's goal. After a few dangerous opportunities, in the end, Liverpool break the dead lock with a goal from Torres flicking the ball at the centre of Chelsea's penalty box from a cross on the right side of the field. The fans jumped and celebrate the goal with everything that they had. At this point, Liverpool were expected to grab more goals, proven from their previous matches but it failed to materealize. 

Chelsea, one of the team that I respect because of their dangerous attacking abilities, grabbed the equalizer thanks to a header by Ivanovic from a corner kick taken by Malouda on the left side of Liverpool's goal. Brilliant corner targeted directly in the centre of Liverpool's penalty box and Ivanovic who jumped the highest, heads the ball past Reina. It's 1-1 into the break.

Second half, Chelsea pushed harder and with Liverpool who was not playing in their full capacity, they grabbed the second goal. Similar to the first goal, it was Ivanovic again, heading the ball from a corner kick, this time from the right side of Liverpool's goal taken by none other than Lampard. Shocked by this goal, Liverpool pressed for the equalizer but failed miserably. On the other hand, Chelsea, who was defending countered Liverpool's attack and managed to extend their lead from a goal by Drogba. Malouda's cross proven to be deadly as Drogba slides in the put the ball beyond Reina's grasps. 

Liverpool did pushed for the second to at least cut the lead that Chelsea's having but luck wasn't on the side and Benitez's substitutions with bringing in Babel, Dossena and Benayoun didn't bring much change to the game. 

The match ended with a score of Liverpool 1 - Chelsea 3. It's an uphill task for the Mersey side at Stamford Bridge as they will need to score 3 goals without reply and that is definitely a very very hard task.

As for the other match, Bayern Munich was destroyed with a score of 4 - 0 by Barcelona. Playing at Nou Camp, Barcelona's ground, Bayern was not threatening Barcelona's goal enough and the attacking front was not sharp enough to at least test Valdes guarding the Barcelona's goal. 2 goals from Messi and one each from Eto and Henry had certainly put Barcelona one step closer into the semi-finals. 

Looks like the second semi-final match is almost certain with Chelsea going against Barcelona. This is definitely one hell of an interesting match.


1. Silverchair - Anthem For The Year 2000.
2. Silverchair - Miss You Love.
3. Silverchair - Ana's Song (Open Fire).

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Cristiano Ronaldo Video (Against Aston Villa).

I came across this video in Facebook.

Cristiano Ronaldo in action against Aston Villa in which he scored 2 goals.

The first goal, a brilliant indirect free kick. Tremendous pace and accuracy to put the ball in the top corner of the goal.

The other one, fantastic left foot placing the ball at the bottom corner of Friedel's goal.

And yet again, great songs.



Note: Ted Mosby.

Liverpool Vs Chelsea (Pre-Match)

So, tonight (well, actually early tomorrow morning), we shall witness a tough battle between two of the strongest team in the Premier League apart from Manchester United and Arsenal. This fierce rivalry between both teams not only restricted in the domestic league but also on the European level. 

Liverpool and Chelsea were drawn to face each other in the UEFA Champions League almost every season since Mourinho's grip on Chelsea. I can still remember when Luis Garcia destroyed Chelsea's hopes of qualifying for the semi-final stage of the competition and the year after that, Xabi Alonso's goal gave Liverpool the win to progress into the next stage. 

They continued their 'mad' run until they managed to get themselves into the final match against AC Milan. Unfortunate for Liverpool, the magnificient come back that occured at the final in Istanbul in which Liverpool came back from 3 goals down at the break to level it at 3-3 after the final whistle was blown. Jerzy Dudek was the hero for the Reds when he saved 2 penatiles, hence, Liverpool won the much anticipated cup in the entire world.

Continuing from talking about the 'mad' run, Liverpool lost in the final match, again facing AC Milan but this time they were beaten 2-1 with a late goal by Dirk Kuyt gave them little hope to draw the score but time was not on their side and in the end, AC Milan bagged the cup.

This time, it is going to be much tougher with both teams have most of their players currently on form. With the combination of Gerrard and Torres proved to be lethal, furthermore, playing in Anfiled for the first leg, Liverpool will have the advantage against the blues but be aware of the magnificient Lampard and the ever dangerous Drogba in front of the goal. Hiddink's trust in Drogba pays off when the striker recovered from a bad spell he was in under previously and managed to get himself back on form.

So, expect a fun and entertaining match between the Reds and the Blues. 

And owh, not to forget the match between two European giants between Bayern Munich and Barcelona at Nou Camp. It is very rare to see both of this teams play each other so be sure not to miss this one.


Note: Dr. John Dorian.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009


Tagged by Jo,

So... here goes...

1. She's a veryX10000000 close friend of Ann. A true friendship that goes beyond any borders and I admire that very much.
2. She can spread the 'happy' aura when she's happy. I pernah kena until I pun jadi happy.
3. Still waiting for the day that I can finally meet her to watch football together. Mana2 mamak pun jadi.
4. You can guarantee to find new posts in her blog everyday because she loves to blog.
5. Have a lot of friends that cares for her, a lot.
6. A Man Utd fan.
7. She stays nearby now.
8. She never fails to tag me in facebook and in her blog. Thank you Jo!
9. A happy and energetic girl.
10. Appreciates the people around her.


Note: The Murtaugh list.

Monday, April 06, 2009

UEFA Champions League Quarter Final Fixtures ( 1st Leg )

Tuesday, April 7th 2009. ( UK 19:45 )

Fixture 1: Villareal Vs. Arsenal ( Venue: Estadio El Madrigal )

Fixture 2: Manchester United Vs. FC Porto ( Venue: Old Trafford )

Wednesday, April 8th 2009. ( UK 19:45 )

Fixture 1: Barcelona Vs. Bayern Munich ( Venue: Estadio Camp Nou )

Fixture 2: Liverpool Vs. Chelsea ( Venue: Anfiled )


Note: Bunkface - Last Minute.

A True Champion, In Deed.

Manchester United 3 - Aston Villa 2

This is the result that will surely enligthen the Man Utd fans out there. Winning was the only option acceptable if they were to reclaim the top spot who was occupied by Liverpool who beat Fulham yesterday with a score of 1-0 thanks to goal from Yossi Benayoun 2 minutes into the injury time. 

United were hit with bookings and injuries which prevented them from fielding some of their first team players for this match. With the absence of Scholes and Rooney who were red carded during their last match against Fulham and also Berbatov and Ferdinand due to injuries, United were forced to make some changes to their starting line up. Gary Neville and John Oshea was given the green light to start to fill in the position left vacant by Ferdinand and Vidic. Tevez who had just arrived at Manchester from the World Cup qualifier in which Argentina were beaten with a score of 6-1, were featured in place of Rooney.

Aston Villa fielded most of their first eleven players realizing that playing at Old Trafford would require more than just luck. As expected, Carew and Agbonlahor were featured up front with the support of Milner, Barry and Young acting as midfielders.

Man Utd started off badly with Aston Villa having most of the possessions and created various chances but they failed to put the ball into the back of the net. As Villa was pushing hard to grab the first goal, they were punished when Man Utd were given an indirect free kick when Friedel, the Aston Villa's goalkeeper, catches the ball from Milner's back pass. Known for his accurate bullet speed free kicks, Ronaldo didn't disappoint the Man Utd fans when he pulls off a brilliant kick beating not only the wall but also the Aston Villa's goalkeeper.

John Carew scored the equalizer with a brilliant header beating Van Der Sar thanks to a brilliant cross from the left side of United's goal. The score is levelled at 1-1 now with both teams pushing hard to get the second. It remains at 1-1 until the end of the first half.

Second half, Villa's attacking front looked sharper and they scored the second goal. Ronaldo losses the ball and Carew brilliantly crosses the ball from the left side of the field and Agbonlahor headed the ball into the net, in which he also injures himself in the process but recovered after receiving treatment outside of the field.  It's 2-1 now and United was shocked.

Living up to their expectations, the current world club champion, they didn't disappoint those who watched the match by playing fantastic football and brilliant passes after Villa's second goal. As for Aston Villa, they have no one to blame but themselves since they were playing in their 'comfort zone' after Agbonlahor's goal hoping that the game will finish with the current score, which is 2-1. United took full advantage of that and after a series of bombardment on the Villa's goal, at last Ronaldo scored the equalizing goal from outside of the penalty box using his weaker foot, which was the left one and snicked in the ball into the left side of Friedel's goal and the goalkeeper weren't able to do anything as his view was blocked by his defender and he was too late to react to save the ball.

Its 2-2 now and the Man Utd fans were going crazy. I was sitting down quietly watching the game but the environment was dominated by the Red Devils fans. I was pretty much neutral in the sense that I rarely spoke and give any comments on the game. 

Ferguson's gamble of playing Federico Macheba pays off substituting the player with Nani. Macheba took quite a while to adapt to game as he is a reserve player and this was his first time in the spotlight playing in the first team. For a while, he did a few mistakes but to the relieved of United fans, he bucked up. He lived up to the game and scored United's third goal with a spectacular-fantastic-brilliant-out of this world goal. Trust me, it was. 

He tricked the Villa's defender who was marking him by shifting the ball from his left side to his right behind him by using his left leg. The Villa defender mentioned, was completely fooled by him and can't do nothing to prevent Macheba from releasing a tremendous kick to put the ball in the top left of Friedel's goal. The goal keeper had to be a superman if he were to have any chance of saving the ball.

After that it was too late for Villa to look for the equalizing goal as the injury time was over and the referee blowed the final whistle and the United fans was estatic with the result. Joy and relieved was everywhere.

I congratulate Man Utd for winning this fixture and the club had proven that they're in deed, a true champion...


1. NeYo - Mad.
2. Disturbed - Down With The Sickness.
3. Letto - Ruang Rindu.
4. Bunkface - Situasi.

Saturday, April 04, 2009


Whoever gets tagged has to write 10 things about the person who tagged him/her.

Tagged by Ann:
1. Can't eat protein based food due to allergies.
2. Falls asleep really fast.
3. Has 2 elder sisters. All 3 of them are very close to each other.
4. Needs at least 5 hours of her sleep in order to function properly the next day.
5. She's happy and cheerful but she can be garang at times too.
6. Appreciates her friends and would do anything for them. She'll be worried to death if anything bad happens to them.
7. Wears different kind of earring on each ear at any given time.
8. Hates silly and stupid questions.
9. Jo is her best best best-friend and they love each other very much. 
10. The only one surviving alien left apart from me.

Now, write ten things about the person who got tagged:

1. Wears 2 layers of shirt at all time except at home.
2. Sleep is vital and requires minimum 6-8 hours of sleep to operate the next day.
3. Has allergies towards Seafood and Telur Puyuh
4. Very kind to people but sometimes, people tend to step over his head and use him. 
5. Killed the old Fais to become a better person.
6. Wants to be Ted in the TV series 'How I Met Your Mother'.
7. He's a fact person and hates bullshits. 
8. Is ready if god wants to take him.
9. Desperately looking for a job.
10. Appreciates the game called football (both playing and watching).

I tag:
1. Aizu
2. Putri
3. Irna
4. Amar
5. Mayriana


Note: Because at that moment, I respected him more than myself.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

6th Malaysian Prime Minister.

Tomorrow, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak will take his oath as our 6th Prime Minister.

I welcome him as our new leader, both for the country and also for UMNO.

I'm sure he will continue in developing our beloved nation.

Let's hope we can see a better Malaysia under his reign.

And to Pak Lah...

I say thank you for your leadership... semoga Allah panjangkan umur...


1. Lady GaGa - LoveGame.
2. Limp Bizkit - My Generation.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

April Fool.

Aku telah di April Fool oleh Reza...


Power Power Power Power Power...

Power Power Power Power Power...

Hahaha... Nice one bro...



Just now kene lagie April Fool...

This time by Aizu...

Power X10...


P/S :

So when you hold onto the past then you
Will break down what little is left
Yeah, there's nothing more you can't ignore
And say it makes no difference to me...

Note: Sum 41 - Makes No Difference.