Sunday, June 14, 2009

When 2 Become 1.

Yesterday, by the date of 13th of June 2009, I attended 2 wedding occasions with all of the guys in Com.Sj's. Morning was Shahidan and Na's and later during the day, it was Hasniza's brother's wedding. The ceremony was held basically both at the bride's house with Na's located somewhere in Kuang, near to Sg. Buloh and as for the other one, it was somewhere in Klang or Meru.

Woke up early and put on my yellow baju melayu. Reza came to pick and me up and off we go to pick up the others. After a while, I realized that out of the 5 of us in the car, I was the only one who was wearing a freaking slippers as the others were wearing black formal shoes. So, my reaction was simple yet efficient. I asked Reza to drove back to my house and let me get my shoes and that was exactly what we did. I'm totally glad for that.

Soon after that, we went to Idan's house and waited for the 'King of the day' to finally appear. We pushed off around half and hour later and reached our destination after about 30 minutes of driving. Each of us were assigned to carry the 'hantaran' and from the way I see it, each and everyone of us was proud to do it for our wonderful friend, Shahidan. Afzar himself was the 'Pengapit' and he was sweating more than the groom did. After the ceremony had reached the end, all of the guest was invited to help themselves to varieties of food and delicacies. The food was simply amazing.

A lot of photos were taken by various people holding cameras and after conveying our congratulations to Idan, off we go to our next destination. As we were quite late, we missed the wedding ceremony but it was alright as the food was still available. So, we ate, yet again. Delicious meal. Chit chated a while and we head home.

Along the way, tired faces can be seen as most of us, apart from the drivers that is, slept throughout the entire journey home. Munzir even managed to snap a picture of me sleeping. Well you know, woke up early on a Saturday and a lot of movement so it was understandable for most of us to fulfill our destiny to sleep in the car.

Reached home and took a shower and placed myself on the couch. Can't move at all. Tired legs and body. In the end, at around 2am, while I was doing the Powerpoint slides for the presentation this Tuesday to HUKM regarding our project, I dozed off and woke up at around 11.30am.

Great day, great food and most important of all, great friends.

To Idan and Na, congratulations and hope both of you will live long and prosper.


Note: Engkaulah Destinasiku.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Progressive Maneuver Towards Success.

Success. That is what we look for in our life regardless in what area or in which sector that we engaged ourselves in. In life, most of us as human being have this one goal that we try very hard to achieve and that goal I'm talking about here is financial freedom. I'm sure for most of us, the ordinary people that is, frequently thinks about money because well, we live in a world where money dictates everything and I mean everything.

Money resembles power, possession, status, recognition and etc. These are the things that money promises if we're able to have loads and loads amount of it. I'm pretty sure for most of us, we've been through the hardship of living with a limited amount of financial capability or in some cases, even with no money at all. Without a doubt, these are the factors that will push us to strive harder and make that extra effort, in whichever ways, to achieve financial freedom.

"Nothing in this world worth having comes easy" Dr. Kelso, Scrubs.

This is a statement that glued in my head since I saw this particular episode of Scrubs, one of the American TV series that I followed until now. Note this, I watched it in 2005, back when I was still studying at MMU Cyberjaya. 4 years and it still kicks me in the head almost everyday.

What Dr. Kelso said is definitely true. Nothing in this world worth having comes easy, regardless of what that is. It can either be in term of money, property, happiness or even people. People would mean our special ones, family and friends.

What I'm saying here is that, things that are harder to get, will make us appreciate it more. Trust me, I've been in that situation far too many times and far too many times, I failed to appreciate it. I regretted it very much and even until now, if I can turn back the time, I would have appreciated those people and things much much more than the way I appreciated them before. But, I learn from my mistakes and although I regret it, I will make sure that I will improve and learn how to appreciate the people and things around me better.

As a conclusion, I would like to point out that, whatever your goals may be, working hard to achieve financial freedom, motivating your loved ones to get them back on their feet, doing everything you can to get the person you desires or even pushing oneself to the very limit to achieve whatever he/she is focusing upon, remember this, nothing in this world worth having comes easy.


Note: Rihanna - Hatin' On The Club.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Owh my god. Look at how long since I last updated my blog. Been quite busy lately.

I'm writing this to wish all of my friends who had recently got married congratulations and may you and your partner live a happy long life together.

Yours Crazily,
Fais Azlan.