Thursday, July 16, 2009

Liverpool's New Away 2009/2010 Jersey. Wicked!

Hye all,

As I was browsing through the net visiting those frequent websites that I go through almost daily, such as New Straits Times, The Star, Berita Harian, Utusan, Soccernet, NY Times, Download, LA Times, ESPN Star, Liverpool FC, Man Utd (Yes, I do visit their website so that I can gain any news about their squad) and etc.

Let's get straight to the point here. Well, just now I visited Liverpool's official website and I saw this wicked sick new away kit for the 2009/2010 season. And I mean fucking wicked. Although some people might doubt it but hey, it's my opinion so if you don't like it, fuck you. The design is more or less the same compared from the previous jerseys but the colour is absolutely fantastic. Black general colour with gold stripes, now that's what I call a proper football jersey.

I do believe that somehow jersey plays a minor role in effecting the outcome of a certain match. I don't know whether this is acceptable to you guys but for me, almost every time, in which quite rarely occurred, Liverpool wore their third jersey, which is the green jersey last season, they'll get a fuck up result such as draws or even losing those matches itself.

I do believe that the new away kit for the next season, which is the 2009/2010 season, is good because it can instill somekind of a fear sensation towards the rival team. Imagine black jersey with gold lining. Eye-catching, fearful, intimidating, screaming for attention and etc. Brilliant isn't it. I'm not saying the new jersey can somehow directly effects the outcome of any particular matches but in away, minorly that is, it will.

Liverpool FC Away Kit 2009/2010 Jersey.

Liverpool FC Goalkeeper 2009/2010 Jersey.

Complete with players wearing it:

Steven Gerrard demonstrating the awesomeness of the new away kit jersey.

Pepe Reina demonstrating the awesomeness of the new goal keeper outfit.

Fais Azlan...

Note: Somehow, I have to accept it because it wasn't meant to be.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Here's To The Life.

Dear people,

Let me start by saying...

They said I need to kick it harder... Well people, I will...

I know it has been a very long time since I've updated my blog. Certain circumstances prevented me from doing so. Work is the main culprit behind this. Most of the time I'll be either at the project site or at the office, doing some paperwork. The scenario is simple and can be easily understood. It's like this, plain simple. In the morning, I'll go to my table at the office and sit down to do my work. But, certain amount of times, my boss, will call me and follow him to site which is currently at Kem Padang Tembak, somewhere in the Kuala Lumpur area. Usually, I'll be there from the morning until after office hours. Mostly doing work and listening to this General mumbling about this and that. Conclusion, no time to blog.

During the night usually I'll be too lazy to go out. I used to sleep at around 3am or even 5am but now, my eyes will automatically shuts off at around 11.30pm or maximum it can withstand is 1am. After that, dream land. Yes again, no time to blog. You might ask me why don't you do it after dinner and the answer is, I'll be either watching television or spending my time with my brother. He'll be here only till August and after that god knows when will I ever see him again so, yeah, I have to spend time with him too. He's the only blood relative that I'll have when my parents is no longer around.

The old Fais might have hated this since you know, everyday 8.30am - 5.30pm but somehow I know he'll understand that he can't forever stays being like that. In life, progress is one of the most important thing that will ensure our future is well secured and better. Well, introducing the new Fais, yes he might still be a little childish and playful, but there's also this part of him in which had grow and accept the responsibilities that a man should carry on his shoulder. People usually will say, "say goodbye to the old Fais" but not in my case. In my case, the appropriate quote will be " let's welcome the new Fais into the club and together with old Fais, he can be a matured and better person now".

Progress towards a better future for myself. Now, that's what I call a good move. Thanks to Allah for giving me this opportunity and I know although I'm not perfect in term of my religion practices, I will try my best to improve myself and be closer to the one and only, Allah. :)


Note: MxPx - Here's To The Life.