Friday, August 14, 2009

For Fuck's Sake.

The H1N1 is such a pain the ass now. I mean it restricts your movement and will make you think twice of the place that you want to go. Public places is almost certain at the very top of the list that people will try to avoid but give me a break, that's like cutting of your social interaction with friends and people. No one likes to be stranded alone in their very own world with nobody to rely or interact with. That's a fact and denying it is absolutely fucked up ockay.

I've heard somewhere that if you want to control or destroy the H1N1 virus, you will have to change the current government. What the fuck is that? What the hell is wrong with your freaking mind to make you think like that? Owh yes, people loves to assume things so assuming that with a new government the virus will be eliminated once and for all. Fuck that. It has nothing to do whatsoever. For fuck's sake, go and check your freaking mind ockay.

If I can blame someone or something for the H1N1 outbreak to the entire world is Mexico. They just didn't do enough to contain and prevent it from spreading over the entire world. Although they know that the virus is slowly circulating around being transferred between human with interactions, air and etc, they still believe that it will disappear when the times come. Well, tell me now, did it disappear? Booo ya...

It's almost certain that it is a global pandemic now and only time will tell when WHO will categorize the H1N1 outbreak as Level 6 in which means a total stop to socialization and movement to other countries and continents. For sure you can say goodbye to the airline industry if that happens. All of the airline companies will have no income to sustain in the business, for sure. Now you know why it is so hard for WHO to uplift the current level 5 pandemic alert to level 6. Because of what? Economics reason. In the end, all of it relates to economics matters since money what makes the world go round so without it, the world will surely collapse and falter.

Our current government is doing all in their powers to control the H1N1 virus or also known as Influenza A. Don't bullshit me with viruses having something to do with politics. What the fuck is that.

Let's work together to stop this H1N1 virus from spreading and do everything in our power to control and sustain it. I know it takes a lot of effort from local authorities, the NGOs, companies and the public, but together, we can kick this virus out of this world.

And don't forget, always seek help from god because with His blessings and help, we can put the Influenza A in the history books, once and for all.

Fais Azlan...

Note: Paramore - Ignorance.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Let The Season Begin!

The Barclays Premier League will officially kicks off somewhere in the middle of August and I am definitely ready to kick start my long lost routine for 2 months, which is to watch football with my friends on the weekends. You just can't buy that 'feeling' that you get when you meet up with your boys and hang out at mamak stalls while watching football matches. Simply priceless. Trust me, it is.

What's great about the BPL is that, it enables me to actually have something to look forward to during the weekend. Yes, something might popped up and would fill up my Saturday and Sunday but nothing beats watching football. It is the greatest pleasure that one could wish for.

Apart from BPL, let's not forget about the rising of the Spanish League. I mean, they really mean business when they said they wanted to compete with the likes of BPL. Remember 'money makes the world go round'? It is in fact true. With money, you can do whatever the hell you want. For instance, in football, look at the buying power that Real Madrid possesses by bringing in big names into the club. Names likes Cristiano Ronaldo, Karim Benzema, Kaka, Raul Albiol and their latest signing, Xabi Alonso from Liverpool FC.

Just imagine the strength of that midfield with those players playing together. I wouldn't have imagined in a million years that Ronaldo would playing with Kaka. The tempo was upbeat at first but look at how Real Madrid performed recently. Lost to Juventus 2-1 and yes I know they beat whatever the team name was, but, with a score of what? 1-0? You got to be kidding me. With that amount of investment and you get that as a return? I'm pretty sure the President of Real Madrid is crying for help for his luxurious spending on players.

On the other hand, look at Arsenal. I mean you rarely heard them buying big names and spending a whole lot of money for that one particular player. Most of their talented starts are from the youth academy. Look at the way they're playing now. The other day, I watched this match between Arsenal and Rangers in the Emirates Cup final match. The way Arsenal played was just far beyond imagimation. Their passes was just simply fantastic, first class teamwork, great senses of opportunities and etc. They don't need to spend big like what Real Madrid did. All they did was just by training and giving the youths to gain as much experience as they can and giving them chances to shine out there.

I was quite surprised to see Owen moving to Manchester United. Actually I wasn't that surprised because who would reject a chance to play for a big club when at the same time, your career is going down the drain. Owen, you did the right move but just make sure when your team visit Anfield, you dissappear. Just report in that you're sick or whatever the hell you can think of because we will make your time on the field the worst time of your freaking life.

Ooopppsss. Look at me. Blogging about football yet again. Looks like my enthusiasm is just too high for me to control.

So to Liverpool FC and FC Bayern Munich, don't dissappoint me ockay.


Note: Nothing but You.