Thursday, October 08, 2009

It’s A Question of Authority.

1-2, 1-3 and 0-2. These are all the match results in which Liverpool lost after 8 Premier League fixtures. Not to mention the one they lost in the Champions League second match to Fiorentina with a score of 0-2. I’m pretty much sure this result angers most of the Liverpool fans out there, including me. I know I’m not out of line when I say Liverpool is playing far below their capability. The potential that they have if they were to play at their maximum capabilities is far beyond anyone’s imagination. The squad is pretty much complete from top to bottom.

So, what’s the problem with Liverpool? Please note that this is my humble personal opinion and if your opinion contradicts to mine, too bad. For me it’s the question of authority. It’s because each time Liverpool suffered huge blows to their title ambitions, the club owners will put the blame on the manager, Rafael Benitez. But when the clubs performs, they’ll be the first to ‘volunteer’ to receive the credits. When I say it’s the question of authority, I mean it’s the question of whom and who should the club bring in and chuck out. Look at Arsenal, Manchester United and Chelsea (Although not all, some of their players are the ones personally handpicked by the owner of the club), their respective managers have the total 100 percent authority on player selection during the transfer window opens.

But not for Liverpool. Everytime Benitez wants to bring in new talents into the club, both the owners and co-owners will somehow find a way to oppose it if the player selected are not the ones they preferred. Another problem that lies beneath the surface in the club’s administration is the fact that they owners are just too choosy and cheap when it comes to investing to purchase new players. Look at last season, Benitez wanted players like David Silva and David Villa but, as expected, the clubs owners didn’t provide the sufficient fund to purchase both of this deadly strikers. The club’s owners, Gillett and Hicks are being too scrooge when it comes to money. Trust me they have a lot of them but they just wouldn’t fund Benitez’s proposed investment. For what reason I don’t know but I believe it is because they are comfortable with the current Liverpool squad.

On the other hand, they don’t realize the risk that they’re taking because this will not only cause Liverpool to fail to win trophies but also tarnish and destroy the most important assets that the clubs possesses, the fans. A football club will be nothing if it not because of the fans. These are the people that shouted their hearts out when they score and cry when their beloved club losses. I’ve read somewhere recently that Liverpool fans is standing behind Benitez and demanding for both of the club’s owners to leave the club.

And to those people I’ve mentioned above, I am with you all the way. Recently the club owners issued a statement blaming the manager of the club for their current form. These angered most of the Liverpool fans, including me. I am 100 percent behind Benitez because he guided this club from nothing after the last time they won the league in 1990 to title contender now. I know some of you might think, if compared to teams like Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal, within these past few years, Liverpool is way behind in term of trophies but who cares. Each people have their very own opinion and for me personally, it’s not about the trophies (mostly that is), it is about that feeling that I find it hard to explain.

Some people support their respective football club but for me, I am far beyond that with Liverpool. Far above support and far above love. I have to exact words to describe it but if I have to put it in a sentence, it would be, Liverpool is glued forever in my heart. Usually people would support their club and that means they don’t feel the pain when the club suffers things like losing or etc. But for me, I suffer when Liverpool suffers. As simple as that.

So, to Liverpool’s owners, please get out. We don’t need you and I believe they’re a lot of interested parties to acquire Liverpool and would do anything to see the club blooms in success. Please do it as soon as possible.

To Benitez, I’m with you all the way, through sticks and stones. May you bring the club to a greater success in the near future.


Note: The Offspring – Kristy, Are You Doing Okay?