Monday, July 18, 2011

Jacob's Walk of Life 2011.


Yesterday, 17 July 2011, I went to Shah Alam Botanical Garden to participate in this event called the Jacob's Walk of Life. The purpose of this event is to promote healthy lifestyle among Malaysians. My day started with a phone call to wake me up at around 5.40am. If it was not for that call, I would have dozed off until the evening. I was horrifically tired because of the activities that I did on the previous day. Thank you so much to PFZ for that wake up call. I'm sure you're horrified listening to my voice upon waking up. Took my shower quickly, start the engine and off I go to pick up PFZ and her friend Meera. Promised to arrive at her house at 6.10am but being me, the typical Fais Azlan, I arrived at 6.30am. 20 minutes late.

Quickly rushed to Masjid Shah Alam to meet with Shida and her husband to lead and show the way to the location of the event. I didn't even know that the place existed before I finally able to see it yesterday. A nice place to enjoy the nature's treasures. Basically we (Me and PFZ) walked for roughly about 1 and a half hour enjoying the scenery along the way. The tress were freaking tall. I mean I have to stretch my neck up to see the leaves! And owh, OMG, the hills were very steep! We have to force ourselves up the hill. Not to forget the unbearable heat that made us sweat from top to bottom.

Upon reaching the finished line, we quickly line up to get the goody bags for us and our friends. As usual and expected, I was used as hard labour to carry all of the goody bags and hand them over to everyone :P Damn, it was freaking heavy. PFZ and her friends chit chatted for about half an hour while I went to check my BMI at the event main assembly area. After that, both of us and Meera went to eat before sending them home. Thought my day had ended? No no no. Send my car for washing and head home. Rushed myself to shower and got ready for my friend to pick me up. And off to Wangsa Maju we go. We have a football match with one of my friend's work colleague's team. I feel asleep all the way. We won the match 4-2. It was a tough one but we managed to get the result we wanted. I even scored a goal! Using my head! But sadly it was offside.

Match ended and we all headed home. As Reza was hungry, we hang out for a while at Makbul to quench our thirst and fill up our stomach. Chit chatted and went back home to get some well deserved rest. Overall, it was a fantastic day as I managed to spend time with PFZ and Meera in the morning and my close friends in the evening :) Alhamdulillah.

Tired + Sleepy!

Cristiano Rezaldo

Note: Plain White T's - Rhythm Of Love.


Monday, July 11, 2011



To those back-stabbing people who talked bad behind my back, this is for you:

Ergh You!

Note to self: Control what you can. Ignore those you can't.


Thursday, July 07, 2011

Save yourself from all the lies of the beautiful people!


Be careful of the world out there. Do not trust everyone that you see as pleasant.

A note from me to all the world leaders out there:

1. When there's people out there who barely have enough to eat, where are the beautiful people?
2. When children are left homeless without anyone caring for them, where are the beautiful people?
3. When the world plunges into chaos with hatred, where are the beautiful people?
4. When your own countrymen faces hardship to make a living, where are the beautiful people?
5. When the faith that you strongly believe in is challenged, where are the beautiful people?
6. When poverty are everywhere, where are the beautiful people?
7. When the nature are destroyed to fulfill the greediness of human beings, where are the beautiful people?
8. When children are not given the opportunity to have proper education for their future, where are the beautiful people?
9. When people don't have the necessary access to medical care, where are the beautiful people?
10. When equality are no longer seen as an honorable stance, where are the beautiful people?


"Lies Of The Beautiful People"

Well this ain't no sideshow
This is the great unknown
This is the poison we take

Outside the velvet rope
Standing there all alone
Are the grotesque and ashamed

Well if you think real beauty's on the outside
Well that's a far cry
From the truth

Maybe all the information you received
Well you should not believe
There's no proof

Save yourself from all the lies of the beautiful people
It's time to run from the lies of the beautiful people

I feel so traumatized
Doped up and televised
Life can be cruel and insane

But we've got these ugly scars
On our infected hearts
Maybe it's time for a change

And if you think real beauty's on the outside
Well that's a far cry
From the truth

Maybe all the information you received
Well you should not believe
There's no proof

Save yourself from all the lies of the beautiful people
It's time to run from the lies of the beautiful people

Save yourself from all the lies of the beautiful people
Just run and hide from the lies of the beautiful

Save yourself from all the lies of the beautiful people
It's time to run from the lies of the beautiful people



Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Uncivilized People Should Live In The Jungle

Good morning to all,

Earlier today I got stuck in a massive traffic jam as I was heading to my work place. Although I must admit that my office is quite near to my house but still, if it was not for that stupid jam, I would have reached there on time. I was surprised to see an uncommon scene as I came out into the main road. Rows of cars crawling inch by inch from god knows where. I even saw this woman came out of her car and shouted at a car who was blocking her way. I'm pretty sure she was pissed off that the driver of the other car decided to drove his car into the yellow box resulting in blocking bunch of cars, which includes mine.

Now let's talk about the cause of this traffic jam. It was due to the road blocks held by the police to prevent any rallies from Bersih. A body in which proclaim themselves the liberalization movement to ensure that the elections are held fairly. What? You mean our election process are not fair enough? Give me a break. There are no concrete proof to back up the cause you're fighting for. If it's not fair, tell me how did the opposition won in Selangor, Kedah, Penang, Perak (for a while) and Kelantan? Use your brain, not your fucking asses assholes.

I'm convinced that these people who participates in this Bersih thingy are a bunch of people who don't have anything better to do. There are a lot of activities that I think you people can benefit from like exercising, completing your unfinished work, spend quality time with your family, watch movies with your partner/lover and etc. But I guess you're just a group of uncivilized people who think Malaysia is too peaceful and something need to be done to cause havoc to this brilliant country. Stupid isn't it? Isn't it ridiculous the objective of this rally is to fight for the dream of a certain individual to become the Prime Minister of this country. If you think you want to change the government, show it during the election not on the streets. You're showing bad examples to the younger generations who will lead this country in the future. I think you people should live in the jungle and be friends with all the monkeys there.

In my point of view, politics is shit. There are no truth in politics. But, in order for me to ensure that my loved ones live peacefully and have all the opportunities to find money to live, I will always take part in any election. And yes, I vote for Barisan Nasional (BN). Always have and will always be.

Note: Please appreciate the peacefulness of this country for all of us, Malaysians.


Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Where Them Girls At


Jump please, now!

David Guetta - Where Them Girls At Feat. Flo Rida & Nicki Minaj

Note: Day day day day day day day day day day day day day day day day day day day.


Hapus Aku

My hope is sincere and very much there hoping that you'll see me as I am.

And by the way, I'm sooooo sleepy right now.

This is the proof! Saya tak tahan dah time tue! :D

Note: Nidji - Hapus Aku.


Monday, July 04, 2011


Assalamualaikum and good day,

Back to the usual work days routine. It's Monday and I guess the Monday blues is slowly kicking in. Lazy, dizzy, paperwork, clients, reports, minutes of meetings and meetings/discussions. Well, just have to face it with arms wide open and do it 'ikhlas' to find 'rezeki yang halal'.

By the way, the past two days (last weekend) was the best two days of my entire life.
Thanks to YOU :)

Have a nice day and may Allah bless you with all the greatness in life.

Note: OAG - Slumber.


Friday, July 01, 2011

Yeah Yeah Yeah!

Feel stressed up? Due to work? Or any other bullshit?

Well, here's your saviour!

New Politics - Yeah Yeah Yeah

Now come on! Jump! Jump! Jump! I know you want to!

Note: Work stress level = 250%