Monday, July 18, 2011

Jacob's Walk of Life 2011.


Yesterday, 17 July 2011, I went to Shah Alam Botanical Garden to participate in this event called the Jacob's Walk of Life. The purpose of this event is to promote healthy lifestyle among Malaysians. My day started with a phone call to wake me up at around 5.40am. If it was not for that call, I would have dozed off until the evening. I was horrifically tired because of the activities that I did on the previous day. Thank you so much to PFZ for that wake up call. I'm sure you're horrified listening to my voice upon waking up. Took my shower quickly, start the engine and off I go to pick up PFZ and her friend Meera. Promised to arrive at her house at 6.10am but being me, the typical Fais Azlan, I arrived at 6.30am. 20 minutes late.

Quickly rushed to Masjid Shah Alam to meet with Shida and her husband to lead and show the way to the location of the event. I didn't even know that the place existed before I finally able to see it yesterday. A nice place to enjoy the nature's treasures. Basically we (Me and PFZ) walked for roughly about 1 and a half hour enjoying the scenery along the way. The tress were freaking tall. I mean I have to stretch my neck up to see the leaves! And owh, OMG, the hills were very steep! We have to force ourselves up the hill. Not to forget the unbearable heat that made us sweat from top to bottom.

Upon reaching the finished line, we quickly line up to get the goody bags for us and our friends. As usual and expected, I was used as hard labour to carry all of the goody bags and hand them over to everyone :P Damn, it was freaking heavy. PFZ and her friends chit chatted for about half an hour while I went to check my BMI at the event main assembly area. After that, both of us and Meera went to eat before sending them home. Thought my day had ended? No no no. Send my car for washing and head home. Rushed myself to shower and got ready for my friend to pick me up. And off to Wangsa Maju we go. We have a football match with one of my friend's work colleague's team. I feel asleep all the way. We won the match 4-2. It was a tough one but we managed to get the result we wanted. I even scored a goal! Using my head! But sadly it was offside.

Match ended and we all headed home. As Reza was hungry, we hang out for a while at Makbul to quench our thirst and fill up our stomach. Chit chatted and went back home to get some well deserved rest. Overall, it was a fantastic day as I managed to spend time with PFZ and Meera in the morning and my close friends in the evening :) Alhamdulillah.

Tired + Sleepy!

Cristiano Rezaldo

Note: Plain White T's - Rhythm Of Love.



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