Friday, August 05, 2011

Ramadhan - The Fasting Month.

Hi to all,

First of all, I would like to wish all of the Muslims out there a happy Ramadhan. It's the holiest month in the Islamic calender due to the fact that Muslims are required to fast from the earliest morning until late evening just to show our love towards Allah, God Almighty. I can still recall what my mother said yesterday 'All of the responsibilities done is for us. Only fasting is for Allah'. Meaning activities such as praying, charity and etc. are done to gain blessings from Allah but fasting is done as it is compulsory to do so. The rewards are not yet known but I'm sure it's a lot.

Breaking fast is normally done in the late evening between 7.00pm to 7.30pm. It's called Maghrib as it is actually a call to perform the 4th prayer of the day but in the month of Ramadhan, it is also a call to break the fasting for the day. With that fact, people would normally prepare their meals/dishes prior it. Sometimes, or should I say most of the time, the table would be packed with food and drinks. That's what happen when you can't control your 'wants' rather than your 'needs'.

Later during the night, it is encouraged to perform the Tarawikh prayers at the mosque with fellow Muslims. Each night have different rewards depending on which night does the prayer is perform. You have two options which is either to perform 8 rakaat or 20 rakaat plus 3 rakaat for Witir. Some of my father's friend, including my father, perfrom 8 rakaat during the weekdays and 20 rakaat during the weekends. For me, it's only 8 rakaat throughout the entire month unless I am motivated for some unknown reasons. It has happened before.

To conclude, I would like again wish a Happy Ramadhan to my all of my friends and remember, although it's fasting month, it doesn't mean all of our activities have to stop. Hehhhhh.

Note: Benny Benassi ft. Channing - Come Fly Away (DJ Winn remix)


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