Monday, February 27, 2012


People usually don't realize that time flies and it flies really quick. Every single seconds gone won't return no matter what you do to retrieve it back. We go about of our daily lives routines to find source of income to sustain and survive in this evil and 'nothing is fair' world. We wake up each morning knowing at the back of our mind that it is a brand new day and things needed to be done and, I'm sure most of us do, including me, looking forward to be back at home to rest.

Have we ever realized that we're getting older as the days gone by? Some uses their time for beneficial activities and some, let's just say they managed to efficiently waste the time given to us. Don't you know that previously the earth only have 4 hours daily? This is because the earth was spinning fast and what happened to our planet that it now have 24 hours daily? Well the answer lies in the outer space. Million years ago, I forgot when, a huge comet hits the earth so hard that most of the rocks sprung out into the space and as time gradually past, it becomes our moon. That's how the moon was created by the way. Now, back to the earth. The comet struck the earth in the opposite direction in which creates the contrast effect resulting the earth to slow down from it's earlier rotation speed. And until now, the rotation speed remains exactly the same from the day the comet hit the planet.

Back to the topic. People need to realize that if we don't fully utilize the hours given, time will just pass through and at the end of the day, we will ask ourself before we hit the bed, what the hell did I do today? Was I productive? Did I just sit back and watch time flies? What I'm trying to say here is appreciate time and do things that you know worth of your time because time won't come back no matter what you do.


Note: Cobra Starship Feat. Mac Miller - Middle Finger

Friday, February 24, 2012

Respecting the Old Folks.


It's been a while since I've last updated my blog. Again! There are a lot of contribution factors in which prevented me from frequently updating my blog and one of it is of course a hectic lifestyle. My normal days would consists of working from the morning until the evening and then my night life starts. Usually I have 'Me Time'/sports/leisure activities during the nights of almost every weekdays such as futsal, badminton and hanging out with my friends. You know, for health and maintaining stamina purposes because I've always hold on to my ultimate principal and I hope I can hold on to it until my very last breath which is 'You're wealthy when you're healthy'. In life, it is without a doubt that money is important because you must be fucking kidding if you think money is not important. How are you suppose to survive with it? By eating grass and living under the trees? But, health is equally important because without it, no matter how filthy rich you are, you won't be happy with life. So, I'm contempt with living the normal everyday life, safe in mind knowing that, god's willing, healthy and have a good and positive people around me. I will always strive and push myself to reach my goals in life.

Regarding the title of this post. It's sad to see some kids or some teenagers nowadays disrespect the elderly by saying harsh words to them or even showing that 'please kick me in the face' look. It just boils my blood and sometimes it makes me feels like really want to kick them because I can't believe how rude people can be towards each other. Not mention the elderly. These stupid and pathetic kids needs to realize that without the elderly, first of all, they won't be on this planet and secondly, they won't be able to enjoy the luxury and commodities that this life has to provide. It is the responsibility of the society to educate and nurture them to understand the value of appreciating what you possesses and respecting the older generations. These people are your parents or even your grandparents for god sake. Look at me, I don't have a single living grandparents alive from both side of my parents and how wish I've contributed more to them when they were alive. I know I tend to be quite stubborn when I was growing up and they tolerated with it although I know I shouldn't have done that. They are the reasons why we're living comfortably and doesn't have to suffer much like how they used to.

Conclusion of this is if you treat the elderly negatively now, I'm sure god will do the same to you when you're older. I know you have to forgo some of your ego to respect people but trust me, when you do that, there's always a hidden reward waiting to surprise you in the near future.


Note: One of these days your heart will stop and play its final beat. One of these days the clocks will stop and time won't mean a thing. (Foo Fighters - These Days)